5 New Electric Boats for 2022

5 New Electric Boats for 2022 May 16, 2022

Electric options for boating are beginning to grow exponentially all over the world. Many boat companies and manufacturers are joining in on the importance of electric boating by building fully electric boats and hybrid gas/electric boats, as well as electric outboard motors. Using and buying these electric based boats and engines ensures you are not adding to the pollution in the world and on the water. Going electric helps preserve water and sea life from oil spills that may hap-pen in a gas-powered boat. These eco-friendly choices help sustain the earth and give boaters an environ-mentally friendly option.

Nautique Super Air GS22E

A 100% Electric Towboat.
By: Timmy McNamee

Going electric provides an abundance of perks to your boating and water sports experience. Aside from not having to worry about fuel and maintenance costs, it’s unbelievably quiet.

Nautique partnered up with their sister company – Ingenity Electric, to create the world’s first fully electric towboat. The Super Air GS22E delivers to the industry an eco-friendly choice, to skip the fuel, cut back the maintenance, and enjoy watersports to the performance equivalent of the GS series line up. Based on their GS22 model, the Super Air GS22E utilizes clean energy with zero emissions, without the need to sacrifice any of the performance characteristics from the GS22. This eco-friendly version of the popular GS22 is sustainable, environmentally conscious, and performance driven.

With this wake boat, more push in the surf wave is provided from the additional weight of the batteries and ballast, and a smoother transition of the throttle between neutral makes driving and maneuvering silky smooth. The LINC Panoray Display provides a digital display of all battery vitals. Of course, with the Nautique Surf System; NSS and NCRS, your wakes and waves are programable to suit your preference. The GS22E is rated for an average of 2-3 hour running time and comes with an onboard battery charger to make charging effortless.

Standard on the GS22E is helm command, allowing you to control the entire LINC Panoray screen from the arm rest. Stereo, user pre-sets, speed control are all conveniently accessible beside the throttle. The cockpit of the GS22E follows that of the GS22, with spacious wrap around seating and a variety of rear seating options, equipped with self-supporting hinges to make access to storage easy. The transom of the GS line up is always a perk, with its wide walk through, and rear cut out seats. Port and Starboard storage are located on either side providing copious space for water sports equipment.

Combining the popular features of the GS series, and pairing it with its all new electric option. Nautique leads the industry with the cut-ting-edge launch of the GS22E.

LOA: 22′
Beam: 8′ 4″
Weight: 5,900 lbs
Use Time: 2-3 hours
Charge Time: : AC – 10 Hrs | DC – 4 Hrs
Max Horsepower: n/a
Passenger Capacity: 11
MSRP: $312,952 USD
For more information: www.nautique.com

Princecraft Brio E 210-2S

Electric Beast.
By Tim Banse

You’ve probably noticed the global shift towards electric power. The revamped Brio pontoon series, redesigned for 2022, follows that trend. Princecraft built some of the first electric pontoons on the market. For 2022 they’ve revamped their Brio, renaming it Brio 2.0. Boasting 17’ 19’, and 21’ models built around its electric propulsion system, its redesign improves balance by compensating for the placement of the motor and its batteries. Similarly, lighter weight construction allows its engines to convert more volts and amps into forward motion.

There are three power options: The Torqeedo Cruise 2.0, the Cruise 4, and the Cruise 10.0 Cruise 2.0 is the rough equivalent to a six-hp gas outboard, Cruise 4.0 to 10 hp, and the Cruise 10.0 to 20 hp. On the water, the difference between rigging with five hp and the more powerful 20 hp would be huge, not just in acceleration and top speed but also in close quarters handling. Know that depending on how aggressive the throttle setting is, the runtime is about 4 hours. Backing off to half throttle doubles range. The battery box is roto-cast (think rough as nails) and accommodates four Group 31 batteries or a single 48 Volt Torqeedo lithium battery. An optional battery bank or solar panel recharging extends the range intensely. The optional shore power fast charger is a must-have item.

Besides the nuances of electric propulsion, the platform measures 6-inches wider, delight-fully opening up entertainment and guest spaces. The helm features a roto-molded con-sole with a storage net, back-lighted switches, and a courtesy light. A new throttle package incorporates real-time data: Battery voltage, battery charge, speed, remaining charge at current speed, and input power consumption. This then is the fuel gauge of the future.

Options that breathe life into the pontoon are a concert package with a 160W Jensen sound system, LED docking lights, tilt steering, sliding driver seat, a trim system, a mooring cover, and a full camper enclosure.

LOA: 21’7” | 6.6 m
Beam: 2.5 m | 8’1’
Weight: 728 kg | 1605 lb
Use Time: 4 hours
Charge Time: n/a
Max Horsepower: n/a
Passenger Capacity: 9
MRSP: $22,828 CAD
For more information: www.princecraft.com

Rand Escape 30 Flagship

Scandinavia meets Electric.
By Tim Banse

Scandinavians embrace electric cars. So it should come as no big surprise to learn they vigorously apply an electro-centric, sustainability mindset to boating. Enter Danish boatbuilder Rand and their Escape 30 Flagship. This electric, diesel, or gasoline-powered T-top mini yacht combines the luxurious features of a larger yacht bundled into a trailerable 30-footer.

The bow area locates twine-facing cushioned seats in the Vee with a forward-facing half bench set against the bulkhead. The accessible anchor locker and high topsides make laying anchor surefooted without fear of slipping overboard.

A hardtop, large dome windscreen stands watch over the expansive walk-around cock-pit, shielding passengers from the elements. In inclement weather, side covers close off the helm and passenger seating. The helm chair features a bolster and flip-over backrest. Kitchen and dining areas with a small fridge and wet bar also take shelter beneath the hardtop, where there’s plenty of space to store food for a day on the water and eat at a table. Below deck, the overnight cabin features a v-berth-style double bed and a minimalist bathroom.

Aft, an expansive sun lounge pulls double duty as a queen-size bed, suitable for watching the Milky Way Galaxy twinkle its way across the night sky. The full-beam-width swim platform accesses the sea via a yacht-style swim ladder.

Fitted out as an eBoat, a single electric motor flows torque to a MerCruiser Bravo Three lower unit. Lithium battery options range from 47 to 234 kWh. Sticker shock spoiler. Batteries are expensive. Propulsion options include 105/140 to 460 kWh/616 horsepower motors. The most powerful motor boasts a two-hour cruising speed at 23 knots. This field of choices leaves us with dual salient questions: How fast do you want to go? How much money do you want to spend?

LOA: 10 m/30 ft
Beam: 2.8 m/9’ 3”
Weight: 5300 lbs
Use Time: 2 hours
Charge Time: n/a
Max Horsepower: 430
Passenger Capacity: 12
MSRP: $426,844 CAD
For more information: www.randboats.com

Electric boatVision Marine Technologies Volt 180

Futuristic and Eco-Friendly.
By Tim Banse

Quebec shipyard, Vision Marine Technologies, offers a tantalizing glimpse into the future of boating. Its 5.4 meters, Volt 180 open-electric-hull, carries up to 12 people while happily transiting protected bodies of water in silence, wave and emissions-free. Depending on how much electric power hangs off the transom, she can either dawdle or scorch the water.

Constructed of a fiberglass infusion, the beamy center console layout is eminently customizable to fulfill an individual’s visions of what life on the water ought to be. Forward of the helm station lies a horseshoe-shaped cockpit. Precisely which options and gizmos are chosen to populate the space will define the personality.

The captain sits on a combo pilot/passenger bench at the helm station. Immediately behind resides a sun pad. Necessary accouterments, things like a Bimini top, Permateek deck, under-water light, retractable ladder, fishing rod rack, and live wells are available. There is storage aplenty. The palette of aesthetic options include hull color, upholstery, and stitching. Generous freeboard pays big dividends in a dry ride.

In the beginning, we cited drastic variations in the choice of electric motors ranging from 3 kWh/10 HP to 180 hp. Base motor top speed is 5 knots. Want to go faster? Thanks to Volt 180’s plan-ing hull, you can. Figure on a top speed of 40 mph (35 knots). Depending on battery capacity and speed over the water estimated range is 70 miles or 3.5 hours. True to her electric motor lineage, the 180 provides a 90% reduction in energy and operation costs. Recharge batteries overnight at a marina or dock plugged into a 220 V power outlet. Underway, a screen on the center console allows dialing range, depending on speed and distance.

While the shipyard is located in Quebec, the Volt 180 is distributed worldwide, with sales offices in Portugal, the United Kingdom, and France.

LOA: 5.4 M | 17’08”
Beam: 2.13 M | 7’0”
Weight: 720 kg | 1600 lbs
Use Time: 4 hours
Charge Time: 6 hours
Max Horsepower: 180 hp
Passenger Capacity: 11
MSRP: $44,495 CAD
For more information: www.visionmarinetechnologies.com

Electric boatX Shore Eelex 8000

Minimalism meets Electric.
By Tim Banse

Do you aspire to become one with nature, to embrace water’s natural beauty? Meet X Shore, the Swedish company known for fully electric yacht tenders and the assertion that they have viewed the future, and it is eco-green.

Hence, the launch of its Eelex 8000, combining the speed of an internal combustion engine with the muted voice of an electric motor. This 8-meter open-tender affectionately derives its name from the South American electric eel, the resemblance seen in the hull form’s streamlined body. Like an eel, Eelex runs on volts, in this case flowing electrons to a high-performance Austrian-made Brusa 225 KW/300 horsepower motor. Plugged into three-phase power, dual 60 kWh lithium-ion batteries recharge in five to eight hours. Or with superchargers in just one to two hours. In a pinch, the battery charges in any electrical outlet where you can plug in your cellphone.

A 24-inch Garmin multi-function touch-screen controls nearly everything onboard. Firmware connects via smartphone or Garmin MARQ wristwatch. Remote diagnostics are included. Eelex 8000 stops dead in its tracks within 10 seconds of detecting a watch wearer in the water or more than 10 meters away. Self-docking is one of the tantalizing updates waiting in the wings.

An open tender bareboat, Eelex changes personalities by swapping modules (fishing, social, watersport, and diving) that clip onto dual aluminum rails running from stem to stern. Owners can purchase multiple modules, easily swapped by two adults. Cork decks replace teak. Instead of fiberglass resin, the hull layup schedule includes PET (recycled plastic and optional Flax fiber. On the aesthetic side of the balance sheet, color options, Moss, Sandy, and Coffee, avoid disrupting the natural surroundings.

As simple as the sea is salt, the throttle is a rotary knob. As for performance, the top speed is 35 knots. The cruising speed is between 15 and 20 knots. The elapsed time for accelerating from dead in the water to 20 knots is 4.2 seconds. Range, running at 5 to 7 knots, is 100 nautical miles. President Patrick Hardy of BCI Marine is actively expanding the availability of X-Shore across Canada.

LOA: 8.0 m | 26.2 ft
Beam: 2.5 m | 8.2 ft
Weight: 2600 kg | 9840 lb
Use Time: 2 hours
Charge Time: 6 hours on 32A 24VDC
Max Horsepower: n/a
Passenger Capacity: n/a
MSRP: $356,000 CAD
For more information: www.xshore.com


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