Yamaha 255 FSH – Fun for All!

Yamaha 255 FSH – Fun for All! Jul 6, 2022

By Captain Bill Jennings

When someone says “Yamaha”, most people think of marine engines. Not everyone knows that Yamaha also designs and builds some terrific boats known for their creative designs, advanced features, and efficient operation. When I first stepped aboard the Yamaha 255 “FSH”, I knew it was another winner. 

The name “FSH” stands for Family Sports Hybrid”.  I guess it describes for who and what it was built. The boat is a twin-engine boat using Yamaha jet drives. The engines are named using more letter codes – “SVOH”.

I’m sure you don’t know what that stands for, but Yamaha tells me it is “Super Velocity High Output”. They could have called these motors, “A water-cooled, supercharged, 1.8 liter, 250 horsepower engine”, but four letters are easier to remember. With two new jet powerplants, the boat delivers 500 HP, which is more than enough to rocket this 25′ 6″, 4,835 lb center console onto the plane in 2.6 seconds. 

A solid T-top protects the dual position, double seat center console helm with 77″ headroom and a large safety glass windshield. The wheel is stainless steel. A small lockable glove box and a helm tray do not have a drainage hole. Fourteen toggle switches bracket a Yamaha exclusive, seven-inch touch screen display providing operational data for each engine and charting, sonar, tide information and music control.

Passengers have a four-place aft seat that folds away for added floor space, or a fishing platform. Two rear-facing transom seats provide a different perspective while cruising and even have cup holders.

There is a single seat on the front of the console that opens to a head compartment, but it is the use of the wide bow area that most impressed me. Two forward-facing lounge seats convert to a sunbathing cushion or a dining area with a table for four.

Passenger grab rails are integrated into the gunnels to keep them handy but out of harm’s way. Seat-wise, with a 12-passenger rating, this FSH favourably compares with most pontoons while offering more specialized features. 

Eleven-rod holders, twenty-five-rod storage racks, two live wells, an oversized anchor locker, and a storage cabinet with tackle box drawers prove that fishing is a major purpose of this family boat.  

Speed control in no wake zones is easy with the Yamaha “Cruise Assist”, which controls your boat speed to run between 4 and 6 mph. The minimum planing speed is 17 mph at 4,200 rpm. At 5.000 rpm I noted 40.5 mph on the GPS.

Accelerating to full speed, we quickly hit a redline of 7,500 and 55.5 mph. Trim ability while cruising is always nice, but the jet drives do not provide this opportunity. Entering windy conditions, I experienced a slight list, but this boat did not have tabs to offset the concern.

Spot checking the retail price to be around $90k US as tested makes this exceptional boat value. This boat is truly a hybrid – well designed for both family cruising and serious fishing. The 255, ‘FSH’ is another winner from Yamaha.

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Length: 25′ 6″

Beam: 8′ 6″

Draft: 22″

Weight: 4835 lbs.

Fuel capacity: 111 US gal.

Fuel type: Premium

Twin Yamaha: 1.8 L supercharged gas.

Drives: Yamaha jet.

Minimum plane speed: 17 mph

Top speed as tested: 55.5 mph

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