Gala, Atlantis, A330L & 25-hp Yamaha, four stroke

Gala, Atlantis, A330L & 25-hp Yamaha, four stroke Jun 30, 2022

This small boat delivers huge fun, at an affordable price.

By Captain, Bill Jennings

A large yacht owner may look at this Gala Atlantis as the perfect tender, thanks to its practical features and lightweight. But I see this Gala Atlantis, as a super fun family runabout, thanks to its remarkably affordable price.      

A small, casual boat to get you and your family out on the water and one where your kids can safely learn the ropes is always a smart choice. Both evaluations are correct. 

So what is unique about the Gala? While most inflatable RIBS have a fiberglass hull to support their tubes, the Gala hull is powder-coated aluminum. There are three tube chambers instead of just two, providing excellent support. There are reinforced transom brackets and a keel protector, for added life. 

When you ride in most small inflatables, you get wet. The Gala A330L has special tabs that reduce spray for a remarkably dry ride. Any water that might enter the boat drains into a below-deck water collector leaving the cockpit dry for cruising.

Buyers are given a choice of VALMEX or HYPALON tubing material, both of which are superior to polypropylene which is the material used in the construction of most small inflatables.

Valmex material, manufactured by Mehler Texnologies in Fulda, Germany, is a blend of various high-quality plastics that are ‘welded’ together to form the tubes. Hypalon material by Dupont is more resistant to the elements, but the ‘glued’ seams have a shorter lifespan. It’s a tough choice.

There is seating for two at the helm plus a single bow seat. Two additional passengers can find seating on the tubes themselves. This gives the Gala a capacity rating of five persons. The ride on springy tubes may be a little on the bouncy side, but the ten straps on the topside of the tubes make good grab handles for tube-seated passengers.

Our test Gala included navigation lights, bilge pump, horn and battery. Bow and stern cleats for secure docking, are glued into the tubing seams. The repair kit, high-efficiency foot pump, and paddles are very practical inclusions.

The 25-hp Yamaha, four stroke that we tested, is midpoint for the boat’s recommended horsepower range of 25 to 30 horsepower. Thanks to the outboard horsepower and the boat’s lightweight, it has an exceptional power-to-weight ratio. The motor’s remote start, power trim, 27/13 gear ratio and strong reliability make the Yamaha outboard an ideal power choice. Acceleration is super quick, and with two adults onboard, we easily peaked at 26 mph.  

Is there anything about this boat that I didn’t like? It is hard to critique this boat and power combination because you get such a big bang for your buck. However, as you can see from the picture, it is an open boat, so weather protection is non-existent. Measuring 16″ wide and 5″ high, the tiny windshield is not very useful.

I also noted that In tight turns under power, the boat will ‘slide’ in corners rather than carving through a turn. Also, the center of gravity is quite sensitive. Moving a bow passenger aft can produce very noticeable porpoising. In summary, I would describe the ride as “sporty”.

While Gala’s features described to this point will appeal to cottage owners and families wanting to get into boating, yacht owners will simply drool over the Gala’s low weight, easy lift (4 lifting eyes), and easy tow (3 towing bow eyes). If you don’t own a yacht yet, perhaps you should do some playing in this Gala inflatable. You may find that you don’t need the yacht. 

Best of all, this super fun boat has a remarkably affordable price of $17,200. In today’s market, that’s about the same as a trip to the grocery store. 

Gala Atlantis, A330L, Specifications:

Length: 10′ 10”

Length inside: 5′ 7”

Width inside: 2′ 8”

Tube diameter: 17”

Weight: 231 lbs.

Load capacity: 1100 lbs.

Passenger capacity: 3 seats; 2 more can sit on the tubes. 

Number of inflatable chambers: 3      

Engine hp recommended: 15 to 30 hp. 

Top Speed with 2 adults and 25 hp Yamaha: 26 mph

Price as tested: $17, 200 CAD.


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