Sylvan M-Series

Sylvan M-Series Sep 21, 2022
Sylvan M-Series

16 Ways to Enjoy the Sylvan M-Series Pontoons…

By Captian Christopher Kourtakis

Sylvan Marine’s rich history of building superior and industry-leading products has taken pontoon building to a new level with their 2022 M-Series lineup. These boats have it all, including sixteen different layout options. There is something for everyone.

Three distinct trim packages, midnight, arctic, and crimson, allow the boats to stand out from other models on the dock. The Distinct beige, gray, and white upholstery colours are soft on the eyes and create a peaceful and welcoming ambience. There are four flooring choices that you can choose from to complete the perfect eye-catching package.  

The seat bases are Rotocast to prevent deterioration. Tables with cupholders are standard on the M-Series.

Every Sylvan M-Series comes standard with 25” tubes and the SPX PR25 Performance Package. The all-aluminum transom has a lifetime warranty. All the seats’ bases are Rotocast to prevent deterioration of the seats. Tables with cupholders, bimini top with storage boot, and painted exterior rails are standard on the M-Series pontoons.

When choosing your pontoon needs, you want to consider everything you plan to do with the boat. 

The PTS Performance tubes offer two full-length outer tubes plus a reduced-length center tube to allow for the incorporation of a traditional transom and to create a lighter option for better performance and fuel efficiency at an affordable price. The PTS also features improved water flow with the .060” aluminum performance shield and high horsepower lifting performance. 

These tubes are perfect for watersports, lift, handling, and fuel economy. Don’t think you need these tubes; take a step down to the standard+performance shield+lifting strakes, and you will still be amazed at the ride and performance these tubes offer. 

There isn’t a tube design that you wouldn’t be happy with, as the Sylvan engineering team has spent countless hours creating the best ride and handling for their pontoons. 

Sylvan M-SeriesThe helm design on each boat starts with the full fiberglass console on a raised platform that provides a clear view of the water from a 360° view. The helm chair is large, plush, and has a high-back recliner that slides and swivels for easy access in and out of the driver’s position. Directly in front of the captain’s chair is the Gucci – Rondinella Steering Wheel which has power assist steering standard. The lighted push-button accessory switches add a touch of high-tech class.  

The wrap-around automotive dash feels sleek and adds elegance and functionality to the overall layout of the boat. The Simrad multifunction display in the middle is easy to read and operate and gives a feel of the modernized SUV in your garage. The engine tachometer and speedometer are on either side of the display for quick reference as you glide across the water. Even the integrated windshield is functional. The low profile and integrated windshield is angled perfectly to keep the wind away from the driver’s view while adding a sleek and stylish feel to the helm and the pontoon.  

The galley option on the starboard side aft is a great touch, completely integrated, and incredibly designed to be functional and stylish. The stainless-steel sink provides fresh water for easy clean-up, food prep, or just washing your hands. The counter space is abundant and offers ample room for dishing out a spread that would make most football tailgates jealous. 

Underneath the countertops are two wood-finished doors that open to provide access to the storage area, while the single large wood door under the sink offers ample storage and access to the speakers and sink. The refrigerator option (not available on the LZ) is a must-have and perfect for veggie dips or to store a cold one that will be well deserved after prepping the feast for all those hungry guests on board. The only thing missing is an electric grill, and I would have liked to see an option for one, but also understand the power constraints, or I am almost certain you would have seen one as an option or a standard feature. 

Sylvan M-Series
Lots of air under this Tritoon.

The design team at Sylvan hit a home run by creating the back bench that doubles as a changing station. The angled seat creates a safe seat that locks in the passenger and is angled perfectly to converse with the people on the swim deck or the passengers in the lounge seating area. 

Need a changing room? The changing area is easy to access. One person can easily initiate the launch and successfully use the dual functionality of the back bench.

Lift and stainless-steel hinges provide ample support. The sturdy hinges are a must for this design. It has always been a pet peeve of mine to see plastic or basic hinges on something you know is going to shift and potentially break. The hinges are another example of where Sylvan’s quality where it counts is shown. This was no afterthought like on some pontoon designs. 

The changing area is large and tall enough to provide enough privacy for a person to actually change without the risk of flashing the rest of the lake as they get in or out of their swimsuit. 

I like the changing area’s location because you won’t feel cramped like you do in the front of the boat. Being in the aft, you can access the swim platform when you step out and not feel confined.  

Sylvan M-SeriesThe overall ride and performance of the M-Series is spectacular. They cut through the waves effortlessly, and their hole shots and time to plane can be compared to a performance center console. The overall ride is stable and solid. When taking off, you can feel the deck flexing and bending with many pontoons. 

However, the Sylvan M-Series is solid and sound in most water conditions. In the turns, the boats grip the water and dig in for a strong and solid hold, while other pontoons may slide or even porpoise.  

The only options you might consider adding are the wake tower with bimini (sport lounger only), a powered canopy, and the playpen cover. The Deluxe Sport Arch Fold Assist Package is also an available option. All options are functional and easy to use and operate. The standard stainless steel tow pylon constructed over the power unit is sturdy and bulky, giving the boat a tough, well-constructed feel. 

The mini tow tower is excellent for serious water sports enthusiasts. Access to the mini tower from the forward or the aft is quick and painless compared to other designs that integrate the towing placement where you can’t easily access it. 

Sylvan M-Series
Their hole shots and time to plane can be compared to a performance center console.

Regarding packages, the SPX PR25 is standard on all the Sylvan M-Series models. This includes the SPX Performance strakes, the performance shield, the PR25 center tube with 60-gallon gas tank, center tube performance strakes, a ski pylon, and Sea Star Hydraulic Steering. The Premium Sound Package is standard and includes 6 JL speakers, a JL subwoofer, and JL 8-channel amp. Still not enough sound, upgrade to the Ultra-Premium Sound Package and get eight JL speakers and a JL DSP 8-channel amp (which requires a dual battery system).

The painted tubes, sleek outside, mirror-like fencing, and fiberglass molded parts are all eye-catchers and separate these pontoons from others on the lake. If you want a pontoon that doesn’t look like anything else on the lake, the Sylvan M-Series is the boat you want. Sleek, elegant, performance handling, and an overall head turner. This is a very impressive range of pontoons, and whichever layout you select, you will not be disappointed in your decision, and your friends and dock neighbours will be envious.  

Specifications: Sylvan M-series

  • LOA: 27’ 8”
  • Beam: 102 in
  • Dry Weight: 4350 lbs.
  • Transom Height 25
  • Fuel Capacity: 60 gal
  • Max Persons: 14 / 1950 lbs.
  • Max HP: 350 hp
  • Starting MSRP $105,999 boat only, (that doesn’t include the engine, controls, or trailer.)

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