New APP: Yacht Protector

New APP: Yacht Protector Jul 28, 2016

Every wonder about your boat when you’re not there to check on it?
The Yacht Group has announced a new, innovative and easy to install boat monitoring system, called Yacht Protector. Designed for a wide range of boat types and sizes, Yacht Protector utilizes a comprehensive suite of wireless sensors to allow owners to continuously track the location of their boat and condition of vital onboard systems. If user defined system thresholds are triggered, all contacts are alerted via the smartphone app, and up to four receive further alerts via SMS, email and even by phone from the call center. Authorized users can also use a Yacht Key fob to silence alarms when on board.
Designed to be DIY, this plug and play system requires no cutting of wires or boat modifications. Sensors are strategically placed with supplied hi-bond tape after quickly pairing them to the CORE module.
Yacht Protector is a virtually maintenance-free, state-of-the-art security and geo-location GSM-based system. With its innovative and user-friendly web and mobile interface, it allows for nearly endless customization including language, sensor names, alert thresholds, geofence settings, avatars plus much more. From customized setting of the boat’s name and fine-tuning technical alerts to receiving real-time weather forecasts at the boat’s location, no detail has been overlooked. It truly becomes invaluable to the owner and authorized users.
The system has a built-in GPS, so if the boat’s location exceeds the owner-defined geofence, an alert triggers—perfect for boats at anchor or on a mooring or for theft protection. With broad North American coverage, the yacht’s current positions can be seen in map or satellite view, as can a complete history by day, week and month and pinpointed to within 3 minutes.
The Yacht Protector system costs $1,250, including a one-year subscription and a two-year warranty. It includes a CORE module and four sensors—bilge water level, intrusion, battery condition and shore power current—and a Yacht Key fob. Plus, the system can pay for itself via available insurance discounts that will pay for future alert/service center fees, as well as a substantial portion of the original equipment cost. A complete description of the many facets of the system and informative video is at

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