2022 Sea-Doo GTX 300 Ltd

2022 Sea-Doo GTX 300 Ltd Jan 26, 2022
sea-doo 300 GTX Ltd

A Fan Favourite

By: Timmy McNamee

A touch competitor versus Yamaha and Kawasaki, Sea Doo releases its new flagship model for 2022, the GTX Limited 300. Arguably the most recognized manufacturer in the PWC industry, Sea Doo holds its reputation and delivers above and beyond on the GTX Limited.

Sea Doo correlates comfort, style, and technology in the options and design of the GTX Limited. Offering luxury and stability to its consumers; the GTX limited is top of the line in all of its characteristics. One of the highlighted features on the GTX limited is its 7.8” split color display, which toggles through all vitals on one while keeping your preferences on the other. The “BPR Connect” app allows Bluetooth connectivity and gives an additional option for control of all categories; Bluetooth, weather, and navigation alongside a keypad located on the handle bar for added convenience. Another noted feature of the GTX design is the long and comfortable ergolock seat. That’s right – remove the rear seat and turn the back deck into a lounge area for moments of chill and relaxation on your lake day.

An ingenious design is the front storage component which opens up offering 98 Liters of deep, wide space for loads of equipment and accessories. Ergonomically designed to open up without ever having to leave your seat! Sea doo’s retractable dock line system allows for easy docking and no more wet dock lines on dry items. The grand finale of the GTX limited is Sea Doo’s “IDF” – “Intellegent Debris Free” system. GONE are the days of sucking in weeds or trash to your intake and manually having to pull them out to get running again. With the touch of a button IDF reverses the flow of the jet pump to assist in flushing out you clogged intake in seconds!

The pinnacle of luxury and ergonomics comes to life in the GTX limited. From spending a full day on the water, at the beach, or towing watersports. The GTX limited will give you the feeling of being right at home – literally!

Sea-doo GTX 300 LimitedSpecifications

LOA: 11’3
Fuel Capacity: 70 L
Rider Capacity: 3
Dry Weight: 819 Lbs
Engine: Rotax 4-Stroke 300
MSRP: $22,899

For more information: www.sea-doo.com


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