Yamaha 212SD

Yamaha 212SD Apr 1, 2021

By Bill Jennings

Boat Test #1639

We have all witnessed the growing number of personal watercraft on our lakes. Jets are H-O-T! But if you prefer family-oriented water transportation that offer more comfort and space, you can still enjoy a jet. Yamaha jet boats are actually the number one choice by jet boat buyers in the 19-to-24-foot range.

With advanced styling and plentiful features, Yamaha jet boats stand out among other boats in the bowrider/watersports categories. For over sixty years, Yamaha has been a leader in marine engine technology while establishing a reputation for reliability.

In 1995, they began installation of their engines in custom designed boats. Today, Yamaha boats are available in four lengths that retail from $43,399 to over $100,000. They recently introduced a new fishing boat line.

A popular jet boat size is 21 feet, and Yamaha offers six models in that length. I test drove the 212SD. This 21-foot, 3-inch boat is powered by twin 1.8 litre SVHO supercharged marine engines that produce a combined 500 hp.

These “TR-1” engines are not only powerful but are lighter, smaller, and require less maintenance. There is a cruise system that equates to cruise control on a car. A dual paddle control system runs forward when you pull the starboard paddle and reverses when you pull the port paddle.

The wide bow design includes beverage mounts and multiple seating configurations with comfortable backrests. Storage is plentiful and includes a spacious locker that can double as a head. The twin engines plane the boat rapidly, and the modified hull delivers an excellent ride.

The most noticeable difference between a propeller driven boat and this Yamaha jet is the amazing maneuverability. Both the engines and the boat are covered by a comprehensive Yamaha warranty program.

Yamaha has always strived to build the gold standard for family fun on the water and has continually finetuned its marine jet boats to be the worldwide success that they are today.

Length: 21’3” / 6.4 m
Width: 21’3” / 6.4 m
Draft: 19”
Dry Weight: 3,486 lbs
Fuel Capacity: 46 gals / 174 L
Capacity: 10 ppl / 2,200 lbs
MSRP: $63,799 USD

For more information:  www.yamaha-motor.ca 

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