It was an exciting weekend in Gananoque as Poker Runners showed off on the St. Lawrence! Great food, great weather, and great people. What a weekend!

Below are the winners!

1st Place: Francois Auclair

Card Hand: J, 10, 9, 8, 7

Left to Right: Francois Auclair, Dave Turnbull, Bob Ackley, Benoit Lacourse, Bill Taylor

2nd Place: Dan Tierney

Card Hand:Q, Q, Q, 7, 5


Left to Right: Dave Turnbull, Katrina Tierney, Dan Tierney, Robert Ackley, Jeff Sanders, Jennifer Sanders

3rd Place: Luc Brunelle

Card Hand: 5, 5, 5, 4, 2

Left to Right: Luc Brunelle, Lucas Brunelle, Bob Ackley

Best Dressed Crew:John Lutz and his “2 Fast Crew” in 2 Fast 4 You

Left to Right: Kristina King, Robert Ackley, Dave Webb, Dave Turnbull, John Lutz, Henry Hiemstra, Brayden King

Best Graphics: Bob Hanson’s 36’ Nortech in Orange with Grey & Black

Left to Right: Robert Ackley, Bob Hanson, Dave Turnbull

Most Exotic Engine: Stephane Boudrais Mercury Powered – Ferrari 44’ MTI

Hope to see everyone next year for the 2022 1000 Islands Gananoque Poker Run!