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Soft Spring Rolls with Crab

A perennial lunchtime favourite.

By LaDonna Gundersen

Serves 4


Peanut Dipping Sauce 


Peanut Dipping Sauce:  In a bowl, mix together the sauce ingredients until smooth.  Arrange all the ingredients separately around a large cutting board or tray set before you.  Set out a platter to hold the finished rolls, as well as a large shallow bowl filled with very warm water. 

Spring Rolls: To make each roll, slide one sheet of rice paper into the pan of warm water and press gently to submerge it for about 15 seconds. Remove it carefully, draining the water and place it before you on the cutting board.  Line up a horizontal row of each of the following ingredients on the rice paper sheet, starting on the lowest third of the sheet and working away from you: a small amount of crabmeat, a tangle of noodles, a few avocado slices, a row of cabbage and carrots, a row of cilantro, mint and basil and a row of green onion slivers on top. 

Fold the bottom half of the wrapper over the filling, hold the filling in place, tuck in the sides and roll tightly.  Repeat with the remaining filling and serve with the dipping sauce.
Makes 10-12 rolls.

Recipe expert from The Little Alaskan Crab Cookbook, by La Donna Gundersen.

Copyright 2020 by Ole and LaDonna Gundersen. 

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