Sea-Doo Spark Trixx

Sea-Doo Spark Trixx May 24, 2017

Boat Test #1447

For 2017, the all new Sea Doo TRIXX model adds to the existing Spark lineup.  Sure the Trixx uses the same new Spark hull, but the new polytec deck features a moulded-in colour that is lighter and more resistant to scratches than fiberglass.


Length: 110” / 2.79 m

Beam: 46” / 1.18 m

Weight (2 up): 405 lbs / 185 kgs

Fuel Capacity: 7.9 gal / 30 L

Rider capacity: 2 or 3

Engine: 899 cc four-stroke Rotax ACE engine, with three cylinders and four valves per cylinder with closed-loop cooling

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Sea Doo/BRP
75, Rue J.A. Bombardier
Sherbrooke, Quebec. J1L 1W3


The 2-rider Trixx is powered by the new-in-2014 Rotax 900 HO ACE engine. It’s an 899 cc four-stroke engine, with three inline cylinders and four valves per cylinder making it the most compact and lightweight engine on the market.  It is the most fuel-efficient watercraft in the industry while still delivering excellent power-to-weight ratio. It should deliver speeds just shy of 50mph.  The Sea Doo Spark might not the fastest on the water, but given the 110-inch length and lighter weight, it should deliver a thrilling ride. The ACE is closed-cooled so it’s protected from salt-water corrosion.
The Trixx model also features Sea-Doo’s iBR (Intelligent Brake and Reverse) fly-by-wire system that has earned rave reviews on previous Sea-Doo models.  The handlebars feature an adjustable riser and the built in Step Wedges near the rear of the deck provide more stability and confidence in different stand-up riding positions, making it even easier to do tricks and look like a pro. The extended range Variable Trim System lets you exaggerate how high you can raise the bow or how deep you can bury it in the water for more exciting thrills.
The seat is narrower than on most PWC’s so it allows for smaller and younger riders to really get a hold of this machine and ride it, and for veteran riders to push it to the limits.
The Spark TRIXX puts the fun and affordability for everyone back into the PWC marketplace.
By Brad Roberts

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