Scarab 255 HO Platinum

Scarab 255 HO Platinum May 24, 2017
Scarab 255

Boat Test #1446

Scarab is a name synonymous with fast, powerful boats. For 2016, the 255 is the largest boat that Scarab offers, measuring a full 25 feet from stem to stern. The HO Platinum is a top-of-line finish on the already premium design.


Length Overall: 25’/ 7.6 m

Width: 8’ 4” / 2.5 m

Capacity: 13 Persons

Weight: 3,600 lbs/ 1,660 kg

Max HP: 500

Manufactured by
Scarab Boats
925 Frisbie St.
Cadillac, MI 49601

In addition to the fine pedigree and workmanship, something else sets Scarabs apart from many of the other boats out there. Scarabs are propelled by a waterjet system, as opposed to a more traditional style of external propeller. Jet drives are excellent for recreational boats, especially smaller ones, for a number of reasons. First, and most importantly, they represent unparalleled safety as there are no propellers or moving parts external to the hull to injure swimmers. Second, they allow for great shallow water handling. The jet doesn’t protrude beneath the boat and there isn’t a fragile propeller or outdrive to strike on rocks and logs. Lastly, the responsiveness and power you get from a jet drive is outstanding. It cerates an incredible ride that is hard to match with traditional propulsion systems.
Scarab brings their jet drive systems to another level with the iST (Intelligent Shift and Throttle). This advanced control system incorporates a number of features that enhance the experience of control and alleviate the issues that can occur with jet drives. iST has fully electronic shifting, making the switch from forward to reverse as easy as can be. There is an easy calibration for the ‘neutral’ position, meaning it can be changed on the fly, for better control and smoother dockings.
Jet driven boats provide yet one more advantage to their owners, which is the added volume you get on board without all of the stern drive machinery taking up space. The designers at Scarab have done a great deal with all this added room, packing lots of storage and even a marine toilet into the boat. Despite all that, there is plenty of space for each and every one of your guests.
By Rhys Weed

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