2022 Princecraft Brio

2022 Princecraft Brio Oct 6, 2022

You will turn heads and impress with the boat’s power, functionality, and motor.

By Captain Chris Kourtakis

As technology advances and outboard engines get faster and more robust, builders are looking for different ways to fill the voids for niche markets. Princecraft is no different in their Brio series design, built around the Torqeedo electric motor. There is a major push for electric vehicles on the road, but the water hasn’t quite caught up yet, but it will. When it does, Princecraft will be the leader as they are already the pioneers by creating three models specially designed for the Torqeedo electric outboards.  

I know what you are thinking, electric is slow and inefficient. The days of dual trolling motors on the back of a 16-foot pontoon are gone. The days of the all-electric lakes where you couldn’t cruise for a long time or go fast are gone. Torqeedo’s revolutionary design and technology have advanced so quickly that some of their motors may potentially outperform their gas rivals.

Torqeedo was born in Starnberg, Germany, by founder Christoph Ballin who had a vision. Lake Starnberg is a large and beautiful lake in the mountains south of Munich, Germany. 

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The remote throttle with integrated display provides battery voltage and charge levels.

However, the lake is non-motorized no matter that the lake is over 12.5 miles long and is the second largest body of fresh water in Germany. Christoph knew the current technology wouldn’t allow him to enjoy the lake, so Torqeedo was born. The motor company has grown into the world leader in electrical motors and power, ranging from small tiller models to the deep blue series that equals an 80 HP outboard engine. 

The only limitations at the time were battery power. That has significantly improved over the past 5-10 years. 

Two chargers, two batteries for the motors.

Fast forward to 2022, Princecraft has developed a specific three-boat lineup called the BRIO series that offers all electric options. 

These three models range from 17 feet to 21 feet and are powered by the Torqeedo Cruise, a 48V system that offers three models, the 2.0RL, 4.0 RL, or the 10.0 RL, which is equivalent to a 20 HP outboard motor. For over 60 years, Princecraft has built top-quality boats. Each model is designed, handcrafted, and produced in Quebec. There is no compromise if you want to go electric like there was in the past.

Each model has a basic but functional layout and can accommodate up to 9 passengers on the 210-2S series. All the seats are made with plush and heavy-weight upholstery. 

The Roto-Cast seat bases and backs ensure that there will be no rotten wood and that the seats are easily drained if they get wet. The layout consists of a chaise lounge to the port aft and face-to-face seating on the boat’s bow. Cupholders can be found throughout the entire layout of the boat. A storage box in the back of the boat can be converted into a live well to compliment the two optional fishing chairs on the boat’s bow.    

Princecraft Brio
All the seats are made with plush and heavy weighted upholstery.

The rear gate provides easy access to the swim platform and a permanent swim ladder on the starboard stern of the boat. The bimini can be easily deployed if you need a break from the sun. The forward gate with lift and lock hinges can be easily opened to access the forward deck. The 1 ¼” rails surrounding the entire cockpit are what you expect to find on any other Princecraft model. The pontoons have a V-shape to help with performance—the full-length pontoon keel and skirting help with planning off and water splashing while underway. 

The helm has all the essential functions you need to integrate into the roto cast design. The remote throttle with integrated display provides battery voltage, battery charge levels, your speed, the remaining range at the current speed, and input for the power consumption. This is all built into the unique Torqeedo throttle. There is also a voltmeter for the accessory battery. You will want to get the optional Concert package which includes the Jensen stereo, horn, docking lights, and in-dash USB plug. There would be room in front of the steering wheel if you wanted to mount a fish finder or small GPS unit.  

Princecraft Brio
A permanent swim ladder on the starboard stern of the boat.

The technological advancements in electric vehicles have forced battery makers to create more powerful batteries that are lightweight and can hold a charge longer than a 30-minute boat ride. In the past, you needed unlimited battery supplies that were bulky and added considerable weight and took up an abundance of space. This is no longer the case with the engineering design from Torqeedo. The batteries and the fast-charging system are underneath the chaise lounge on the port side. The charges are made by Torqeedo and explicitly designed for their batteries. Two chargers, two batteries for the motors, and a standard 12v battery for the stereo and all other electronics on the boat.  

The read gate provides easy access to the swim platform.

Having personally run these motors on a various assortment of different model boats, I know that these motors pack quite a punch and can get up and go. The power is immediate and impactful. As soon as you push the throttle forward, the boat will go. Think about it as when we were little, and the electric cars on the track had the squeeze throttle in our hands. Squeeze the trigger, and the car would go. Squeeze too much, and the car would fly off the track. The boat will not take off like a rocket and fly out of the water, but it will get up and go instantly. The motors are whisper quiet, and on a calm day, the only noise you will hear is the water against the pontoons. Need to add a little more range while you are out on the water, option for the solar panels, and you will have an endless supply of power at your fingertips.

The Cruise 10.0 RL with 2 X 24V batteries at 100% power will provide a speed of 8.2 mph, and the batteries will last you 1 hour. 

Torqeedo was born in Germany, by founder Christoph Ballin.

Please note that battery life and range will depend on conditions, load capacity, and power the boat is being driven. At 50 per cent power, you will cruise at 6.6 mph and have approximately 2 hours of run time. At 25 per cent power, you will run 5.4 mph and have a range of roughly 3 hours and 35 minutes.  

These two companies are industry leaders and innovators. 

If you live on an all-electric lake or are environmentally conscious, these three models are a must-check out. 

You will turn heads and impress and surprise people with the boat’s power, functionality, and motor combination. If you are in the market for a small pontoon, you need to check out these motors as you will not be disappointed.   

Specifications Princecraft Brio

Overall length: 6.6 m (21’-7’’)
Deck length: 6.0 m (19’-10’’)
Beam: 2.5 m (8’-1’’)
Pontoon length: 6.2 m (20’-4’’)
Pontoon diameter: 0.58 m (23’’)
Pontoon: aluminum
thickness: 2.0 mm (.080’’)
Approximate weight: 728 kg (1605 lb)


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