“Get Ready To Have Fun”: Axopar Boats and Jobe Sports Form Collaboration

“Get Ready To Have Fun”: Axopar Boats and Jobe Sports Form Collaboration Sep 26, 2020

Last week, Power Boating Canada reported on Axopar Boats’ unique style and overwhelmingly successful reception in Ontario. The Boat Warehouse, located in Kingston, simply cannot keep up with demand for the Finnish brand (see story below). This is for good reason: Axopar is a globally renowned brand of premium range, multi-award-winning motorboats known across international markets for their look, driving sensation, performance, and great value-for money.

Now, Axopar has collaborated with watersport brand Jobe to create something distinct. A manufacturer of products for wakeboarding, boating, and stand-up paddleboarding, Jobe emphasizes its focus on community. Although no further information has been provided, representatives from both companies express great enthusiasm over the partnership.

“We see our customers searching to broaden their experiences on the water, seeking excitement and new adventures, which excites us to push boundaries and develop new fresh ideas for our customers, to surprise and disrupt this traditional market. We are excited to soon release the results of our unique collaboration with Jobe Sports,” said Jan-Erik Viitala, Axopar Founding Partner and Creative & Innovation Director. Jobe, too, expressed optimism over such collaboration.

Said Jos Broekmeulen, Brandowner/Commercial Advisor for Jobe: “This collaboration is amazing as we got to work with a brand which shares our company values. Our team from Jobe and the Axopar team are likeminded and we get to work collectively on getting more people on the water together. Creating the best watersport experi- ence [sic] out there for everyone to enjoy. Which is exciting for the whole team!”

Axopar and Jobe will reveal more information this autumn. Stay with Power Boating Canada for that news.

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