Doug Ford announced reopening of marinas across Ontario

Doug Ford announced reopening of marinas across Ontario May 21, 2021

The premier announced the reopening of marinas. They reopened Saturday May 22nd, 2021.

Treading along a Roadmap to Reopen, the Province is following a “cautious” three-step plan that will gradually, and safely reopen the province considering COVID-19.

They based this plan on the province wide vaccination rates and improvements in key public health and health system indicators.

The province will remain in each step for 21 days.

Step 1 allows marinas to open with limited services, step 2 and step 3 allow marinas to open with indoor and other amenities closes, and step 4 allows marinas to open fully with restriction.

The province originally shutdown all private marinas but kept provincial parks open for boat launching. In a statement, a spokesperson for the provincial government said: “To provide people with a safe way to spend time outdoors, exercise and get some fresh air, Ontario Parks remain open and continue to provide facilities and services including boat launches, to support local and safe day use activities.”

Just before May 24 weekend, the province made the amendment, and marinas across Ontario were as busy as other years.

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