Boating Accessories for Fall 2022

Boating Accessories for Fall 2022 Sep 21, 2022

We’ve curated a wide array of spectacular products for the boater who loves water sports, fishing, sunbathing, and everything in between…


Yeti New Colour Collection

YETI launched its new colour collection – Nordic featuring two new colour ways taking inspiration from the icy Nordic areas of the world. Nordic blue is inspired by deep blue surf breaks on the shores of towering mountains. Nordic Purple is inspired by midsummer feasts where nature is the menu and supernatural flashes of purple light across the arctic sky. Check out more boating accessories:

GPSMAP 79 Series – Garmin
$389.99 to $499.99

Cast off confidently with the GPSMAP 79s and GPSMAP 79sc marine GPS handhelds. These rugged, floating handhelds feature sunlight-readable, high resolution colour displays that are fog proof and scratch-resistant. You get access to a range of satellite constellations, so you get more reliable, accurate tracking around the world. Navigate wherever your adventures take you with options for worldwide basemap or built-in BlueChart g3 coastal charts. With more memory than previous models, you can save and track 10,000 waypoints and 250 routes. Keep your bearings with the built-in compass. Check out more boating accessories: 

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DiamondFinish Clear Coat Quart kit

KBS Coatings DiamondFinish Clear Coat Quart Kit can be used to permanently seal, protect, beautify, and restore your boat’s gelcoat. DiamondFinish Clear also remains permanently flexible because of its advanced coatings technologies.

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Paint Topcoat
Bilgekote Protection Paint by Interlux

When painting your boat, it’s important to make sure you choose the right products to avoid any cosmetic damages. This topcoat paint is designed for the bilge areas of your boat that are above the water and has a semi-gloss finish. It can be applied yourself with a brush or roller, or done professionally by airless or conventional spraying. This paint will protect the wood and fibreglass on your boat from oil, gas, and sludge. 

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KBS Motor Coater Kit 

Currently available in 39 colours, the KBS Motor Coater Kit provides your boat’s engine with a beautiful and protective finish. This all-inclusive and user-friendly system consists of KBS Klean to clean surfaces, RustBlast to remove rust and corrosion, and Motor Coater, a durable engine enamel with deep and rich pigment for excellent coverage. KBS Klean is concentrated, water-based, and biodegradable.

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Ritchie Navigation, Camo Compass 

Boaters enjoy exploring new areas. To help them find their way in the outdoors, the bracket-mounted TR-31 Trek from Ritchie Navigation -offered in Breakup Camo and Shadow Grass Camo finishes. The TR-31 Trek has a 2-1/4” direct-reading black dial with bright white numbers and degree marks won’t spin nor jump when encountering choppy water. In darkness and dim conditions, integrated 12V green LED lighting provides illumination. The bracket is fully adjustable and reversible. This allows the TR-31 Trek to be installed on virtually any angle. Check out more boating accessories:

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Life Jacket
XPS® Nylon Lifejacket by Cabelas

One of the most important things to have aboard your boat is life jackets. In the unfortunate event that someone falls overboard into the water, a life jacket could be the one thing standing between them and drowning.  This particular life jacket is lightweight but very effective. With PVS front foam and PE back foam, this life jacket has a high flotation power compared to many other life jackets, Visit for more boating accessories. 

Surround Camera
Surround View Camera System by Garmin

Crashing a boat is worse than crashing a car, because you can’t really sink in a car! The Garmin Surround View Camera System is designed to show you all angles of your boat to ensure you can make a safe move. The system comes with six cameras that are placed evenly around your boat with 360º views. The system also has a live birds eye view feature to help see your surroundings, and distance markers to show how close your boat is to an object. 

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Security System
Apparition SM XVR GPS by GOST

Boats are one of the most expensive things you can buy. For this reason, boats are often stolen to be sold for money, or even just kept for personal use. Your home probably has a security system and your car is probably police-traceable (if not go get those installed!), so why shouldn’t your boat be kept safe in the same way? The GOST Apparition SM XVR GPS is an anti-theft device designed specifically for boats. The package is equipped with a very loud mini marine siren that will go off when the boat leaves the dock without a key. It also contains a GPS that tracks your boat so that it can be found quickly if stolen. There is also a security monitoring system to record activity in case you need footage of a robbery attempt.

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Safety Kit
ELCI Adapter Kit by Hubbell

Falling off a dock is more common than you may think. As if drowning isn’t bad enough of a risk, a stray electrical current in the water is a concern that many people don’t think about. In a marina there is tons of power going around and surrounding the water, so the risk is always there. ELCI Adapter Kits are a simple and proactive solution, which will automatically shut off any power supply when activity is detected. The kits contain a shore power inlet, along with matching shore power inlet housings, and mounting adapter plates. 

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