3 New Personal Watercraft for 2022

3 New Personal Watercraft for 2022 Jul 13, 2022

By: Timmy McNamee

The motorbike of the water is what personal watercraft are all about. Fun, tricks, races and more these nimble machines are found tied to cottage docks and yacht swim platforms alike. Their very low draft offers offer a solo escape to a secluded back cove, while their power affords for three person watersport adventures. Easy to trailer and store, they offer more usable versatility than a small dinghy in the same space and price range.

personal watercraft - kawasakiKawasaki 310 LX-S

New and Improved.

A warm and humbling welcome (back) is extended to the newly redesigned 2022 Kawasaki 310 Ultra. For this model year, Kawasaki proves to be back in the game with its complete re design of its supercharged line up. Kawasaki has made a comeback in proving its name and performance amongst the industry’s best once again. With an all-around makeover in class leading technology, launch control, 4-speaker audio, Bluetooth, and the most exciting of all – a reverse trigger (FINALLY!).

The 310 Ultra LX-S replaces the former 310-R, however they kept the gorgeous lines and three-dimensional style of Kawasaki. Going beyond its futuristic styling and options, Kawasaki joins the industry in offering its reverse system, and provides it with leading technology and efficacy. The ergonomics and styling of the 310 Ultra go above and beyond, with the deep-v hull of Kawasaki, the rider is ensured a smooth and buttery ride even on the roughest lake days, and splash deflectors minimize unwanted spray for greater riding comfort.

The new lavishly design 7” digital color display screen adds selection from 3 different display modes to suit your desired preferences. The all-new power modes allow various selections benefiting riders with less skill level to provide confidence and comfort while maneuvering. Coupled with electronic cruise control; the 310 Ultra provides stability whether you’re out for a cruise, or towing watersports.

While driving, spacious foot wells provide plenty of room for you and passengers with a two-piece 3-person seat base. An industry first; Kawasaki has offered standard for speaker audio system with Bluetooth compatibility. 

Trimmed with LED docking lights, cupholders, and new futuristic mirror accents draw together all of what the Kawasaki Ultra has to offer the industry.

For those supercharged lovers looking for a sweet ride, the Kawasaki Ultra Models are one to consider for your perfect PWC.


LOA: 11.7’
Fuel Capacity:  80 L
Rider Capacity:  3 Persons
Dry Weight:  1,100 lbs
Engine:  Liquid cooled, 4-Stroke
MSRP:  $24,999 CAD

For more information: www.kawasaki.ca

Sea DooSea Doo GTX 300 Ltd

A fan favourite.

A touch competitor versus Yamaha and Kawasaki, Sea Doo releases its new flagship model for 2022, the GTX Limited 300. Arguably the most recognized manufacturer in the PWC industry, Sea Doo holds its reputation and delivers above and beyond on the GTX Limited.

Sea Doo correlates comfort, style, and technology in the options and design of the GTX Limited. Offering luxury and stability to its consumers; the GTX limited is top of the line in all of its characteristics. One of the highlighted features on the GTX limited is its 7.8” split color display, which toggles through all vitals on one while keeping your preferences on the other. The “BPR Connect” app allows Bluetooth connectivity and gives an additional option for control of all categories; Bluetooth, weather, and navigation alongside a keypad located on the handle bar for added convenience. Another noted feature of the GTX design is the long and comfortable ergolock seat. That’s right – remove the rear seat and turn the back deck into a lounge area for moments of chill and relaxation on your lake day.

An ingenious design is the front storage component which opens up offering 98 Liters of deep, wide space for loads of equipment and accessories. Ergonomically designed to open up without ever having to leave your seat! Sea doo’s retractable dock line system allows for easy docking and no more wet dock lines on dry items. The grand finale of the GTX limited is Sea Doo’s “IDF” – “Intellegent Debris Free” system. GONE are the days of sucking in weeds or trash to your intake and manually having to pull them out to get running again. With the touch of a button IDF reverses the flow of the jet pump to assist in flushing out you clogged intake in seconds!

The pinnacle of luxury and ergonomics comes to life in the GTX limited. From spending a full day on the water, at the beach, or towing watersports. The GTX limited will give you the feeling of being right at home – literally!


LOA: 11’3
Fuel Capacity: 70 L
Rider Capacity: 3 Persons
Dry Weight: 819 Lbs
Engine: Rotax 4-Stroke 300
MSRP: $22,899 CAD

For more information: www.sea-doo.com 

Yamaha FX SVHO Ltd

Action Beast.

The Yamaha FX line faces competition this year with its flagship 2022 FX SVHO. Classed among the ranks of the Sea Doo GTX 300 and Kawasaki 310 Ultra LX, the FX SVHO packs power to its punch as one of the most powerful, and exceeds optimum performance and quality, living up to Yamaha’s standards year after year.

Known for its durability and quality, the FX SVHO Waverunner is made of SWC fibreglass, keeping it the most durable in the market, and easy to repair. However, with its durability comes an increase in its dry weight. It’s 4-cylinder SVHO (Super Vortex High Output) is recognized for its premium durability and reliability, while its competitors are powered with 3-Cylinder ROTAX Supercharged 300 HP. It’s 7” “CONNEX” touch screen accents the SVHO fittingly and is made of glass, which is superior in sensitivity. The touch screen is equipped with voice activation and can easily be controlled by the keypad along the throttle. Add on GPS mapping and experience the full range of what GPS offers to make your day on the lake flawless.

Yamaha Drive Control features versatile settings so that the rider experiences their driving and maneuvering exactly the way they want; acceleration, max speed, and auto trim are all accounted for. The FX SVHO is equipped with Yamaha’s “Ride Dual Throttle Control” and its simplicity of control is second to none. The right trigger is forward, the left reverse, and by letting go of both you easily come to neutral. The redesigned glove box, amongst the other 4 storage locations the FX SVHO offers, has a designated place to secure your cell phone, and includes a 12V, USB and LED light for convenience. With Yamaha’s audio system you can enjoy your tunes crystal clear via Bluetooth connectivity while cruising down the lake.

The speed, stability, and quality of the Yamaha FX SVHO Limited puts the cherry on the cake amongst the Luxury PWC line. With class, style, and reputation, the Yamaha FX SVHO is a must see – and ride!


LOA:  140.9”
Fuel Capacity:   70 L | 18.5 gal
Rider Capacity:   3 Persons
Dry Weight: 877 lbs
Engine:  Yamaha 4-Cylinder
MSRP:  $19,099 USD

For more information:  www.yamahawaverunners.com

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