2022 Manitou XT

2022 Manitou XT Aug 29, 2022

High Power Beast.

Boat Test #1761
By: Captain Christopher Kourtakis

With the option for up to 900 HP, this pontoon is not for the weak. The flagship of the Manitou lineup combines luxury with performance like no other pontoon around. The days of cruising the lake like your grandfather did are over. Sit down, hang on and be ready!  

Manitou has done extensive research when it comes to the design and placement of their toons. Where inches matter and count, the XT is dialed in. The exclusive V-Toon technology provides next level performance for this tri-toon. The larger center toon is 5 ¼” lower in the water to provide a smoother ride, more control and exceptional handling. The precise positioning of the center tube, the positive angle lifting strakes, and the exact degree of deadrise allow this boat to simulate the performance of a standard v-hull. 

Optional for the VPII and SHP hulls, the exclusive Barracuda nose cones are designed with a forward knife edge that provide a sharper leading edge into the water, thus delivering a flatter riding pontoon boat with less bow rise. Put it all together and you get more speed, better handling and quicker acceleration compared to other pontoons.  

With the option for twin Mercury 450 HP racing outboards, the hole shots are going to throw you back in your seat. Need a little finesse around the docks, the optional joystick provides 360° rotation and allows you to hold the XT steady while your first mate gets the lines out and tied to the dock.  

One extremely cool feature if you are a techy like me is the revolutionary Digital Vessel Control system. Using either your smartphone or the standard Garmin Quatix watch you can power the boat on and off, dim the lights or even get engine diagnostics.  

The XT has nine different layout options. The bow seating stays pretty much the same unless you get the fishing packages. However, the back options all depend on how you want to entertain. Need a bar? There is an option for it. Want rear facing sun loungers? No problem! Is a large sun pad your thing? Manitou has you covered. Every one of these luxurious layouts has ultra-soft cool touch vinyl that invites you and your guests to indulge a little more than usual without the seats heating up from the summer sunshine.    

The helm design and layout is exactly what you would expect to find on this luxury pontoon. It’s a cross between a sports car cockpit and a spaceship. The two standard Garmin 7” digital dashboard lets you control all boats features from one location. No more rocker switches mounted all over the dash. From the tower to the stereo, from the lights and more it’s all at your fingertips on the display. The joystick is perfectly mounted like a shifter in a corvette.  The throttles are just forward.  The Mercury engine monitoring system is the only thing separating the two controls. Just sitting at this console gives you excitement like no other.     

The watersports tower completes with power controls, a bimini top, tow pylon and the optional JL speakers mounted on either side. If you need to raise or lower the tower, you don’t even have to get up as you can raise or lower it right from the Garmin digital dashboard.  

Manitou has thought of everything on the all-new XT.  This new form a luxury and performance is an industry leader. You want the performance of a sports car combined with the space of Cadillac Escalade, the XT is it.  


LOA: 28’8”
Beam: N/A
Hull Weight: 4,505 lbs
Log Length: N/A
Tube Diameter:   27”
Draft: N/A
Fuel Capacity: N/A
Max HP: 900 hp
Max Persons: 15

MSRP: $129,000 USD

For more information: www.manitoupontoonboats.com

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