2020 Montréal In-Water Boat Show: Summary and Photo Gallery

2020 Montréal In-Water Boat Show: Summary and Photo Gallery Sep 14, 2020

The Old Port of Montréal, otherwise known as Vieux-Port de Montréal, is situated in an historic part of the city. One travels down cobblestone roads, past impressively aged buildings, and into some of the most famous restaurants in the world. Yet like most centuries-old towns, the surrounding waterways are just as integral to local history. Cue, then, the Old Port once more: from September 11-13, it hosted the annual Montréal In-Water Boat Show in a year when Canadian boat exhibitions have been nearly nonexistent.

Montréal, however, put on a show. Power Boating Canada – along with Les Plaisanciers – was there in full-force, excited to document the weekend and bring all the news back to you. Although the past several years have been marred by rain, Friday and Saturday kicked off with Miami-styled sunlight. A rainy Sunday afternoon ensued but could not detract from a spectacular weekend boasting many exhibitors, shoppers, and onlookers following important COVID-19 protocol. Major dealers included Grégoire Sport, Alary Sport, Marine 360, and Boisvert Marine. Of course, the famous Paul André Gagnon – with his line of XCS Catamarans – was also in attendance.

Of particular note: the world premiere of a Cobrey custom-tailored to its particular buyer. From the length of the boat to the power, fuel consumption, weight, and build, this Cobrey was built for its captain’s personal comfort. Expect a full story at a later date.

Present, too, was Save the Marina, a group dedicated to protecting the Lachine Marina in Montréal. The collective gathered signatures, spoke to attendees, and hosted both a peaceful march and party throughout Monday. These efforts will go toward stopping city hall from turning one of the town’s oldest marinas into a park. Boaters and dealers came from across the area to support this vital point of Lac St. Louis history.

Have a look at our photo gallery below, and enjoy all the sights from a terrific weekend!

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