XO 270 Cabin OB

XO 270 Cabin OB Apr 1, 2021

By Tim Banse
Boat Test #1672
This not a New England picnic boat. Instead, it is a rampaging V-hull meant to be driven hard and, pardon the expression, put away wet. Designed in Helsinki and built in Poland, XO Boats weather rough seas like there is no tomorrow. Aptly put, the XO’s motto is: “When others stay in port, we go out.” That being said, XO boats also happen to be an entirely appropriate choice for peacefully exploring calm coastal waters in comfort..
Launched in 2009 in Finland, XO builds sleek, sporty, low-in-the-water motor boats ranging from 24- to 36-feet. The bones of these hull forms are robust: Longitudinally-framed internal strengtheners sheathed with exceptionally light, military-spec aluminum panels. Think strong.
XO’s best selling model, is this one, the 270 Cabin OB. It’s eminently good handling manners are just one of the reasons why. Simply put, the XO 270 Cabin tracks true over wakes, waves and confused seas. Just as one would expect on a boat engineered to handle rough water, the starboard-side helm station features a fully adjustable, shock-absorbing helm seat intended for a smoothing landings after careening off a wave crest. Moreover, the helm chair is particularly well-bolstered to better keep the captain seated in the saddle. At the helm, noise levels are pleasantly subdued, and are even quieter with the cabin door closed.
A sliding companionway hatch, forward of the windshield, lends access to the bow for setting an anchor or tending bow lines. As for accommodations, a  couple of steps down the companionway resides a small, but entirely  adequate, cabin space that accommodates two sleepers. A must-have option is the space-saving convertible dinette and a minimalist galley tucked in the corner.
Fully aft, just forward of the motor well, and behind the cabin we find a  protected aft deck area with various seating options. Cabin seating shelters crew from wind and cold.
The outboard motor version (you can also opt for inboards is available with either single or twin outboard power (ranging from 250- to 500-horsepower), that depending on the motors, can speed over wave tops at up to 42-knots.

LOA: 28’3”
Beam: 8’6”
Displacement: 4,960 lb.
Fuel Capacity: 120 gal.
Standard Power: various outboards (singles from 250- to 350-hp; twins from 150- to 250-hp)
Top Speed: 42 knots
Base Price: 87 558,00 €
For more information:   www.xoboats.ca

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