It was an exciting weekend in Kingston as Poker Runners showed off on the St. Lawrence! Great food, great weather, and great people. What a weekend!

Below are the winners!

 1st Place: Frank Bouchard

Card Hand: 10, 10, 10, J, 3

Left to Right: Meggy Courchaine, Frank Bouchard

 2nd Place: John Feddema

Card Hand: 9, 9, 9, K, A

Left to Right: Drew Liersch, Jen Liersch, Richelle Feddema, John Feddema

3rd Place: Robert Raposo

Card Hand: K, K, 2, 2, A

Left to Right: Jennine Hadfield, Robert Raposo, Nick Raposo, Grace Ottenhoff

4th Place: Joel Begin

Card Hand: Q, Q, 10, 10, 2

Left to Right: Guylaine Begin, Joel Begin

Joker Goes Wild! Stacy Anderson & Crew – Nor-Tech 390 in Electric Blue

Left to Right: Michelle Keller, Stacy Anderson, Glenda Boldt, Ray Boldt

 Best Dressed Crew: Stacy Anderson

Boat: Nor-Tech 390 in Electric Blue- Crew Dressed in Blue Outfits to Match the Boat

Left to Right: Glenda Boldt, Ray Boldt, Michelle Keller, Stacy Anderson

Best Graphics: Mark Krytiuk

Boat: Speed Racer from Krytiuk Motorsports

Left to Right: Mark Krytiuk, Bill Taylor

Most Exotic Engine: Clay Leibel

1350 Mercury – 388 Skater

The 1000 Islands Gananoque Poker Run (Aug 26-27) is coming soon!

Get ready for yet another exciting weekend on the water!