Safe Boating Awareness Week – May 18-24th, 2019

Safe Boating Awareness Week – May 18-24th, 2019 May 14, 2019

This coming Victoria Day long weekend marks the traditional start to the 2019 summer boating season all across Canada.  Power Boating Canada encourages our readers and visitors to get out on the water – but only when it’s safe to do so, when you’re sober, and when you’re following all of the Safe Boating rules and regulations so that EVERY trip is a return trip.  It’s been a very late spring and the waters are still very unseasonably cold – so wear your PFD or lifejacket!  Below, you’ll find some helpful references and links to help you kick off the season safely.
Safe Boating Awareness Week
The 2019 North American Safe Boating Awareness Week Campaign is ramping up for this year’s boating season. Since 1995, this campaign has been the mainstay of boating safety outreach to the over 16 million people who recreate on Canadian waters each season. The 2019 campaign will be no exception as we continue to strive to engrain safe and responsible boating practices as second nature on the water. The purpose of Safe Boating Awareness Week is to provide boaters as they prepare to embark on another boating season of some key reminders that will help to keep them safe on the water throughout the season.
At the core of the 2019 campaign are the 5 key messages that we have been consistently delivering to the boating community.

  • Wear a PFD or Lifejacket
  • Boat Sober
  • Take a Boating Course
  • Be Prepared, Both You and Your Vessel
  • Be Wary of the Dangers of Cold Water Immersion

Transport Canada’s List of Required Safety Gear for your size of boat can be found in the FREE PDF download of the Safe Boating Guide.
Trent-Severn and Rideau Operating Dates and Hours:
Trent Severn and Rideau waterways open Victoria Day to Thanksgiving (mid-may to mid-October) but those dates maybe amended due to the very high water levels and flooding currently being experiences in Central Ontario.
Trent-Severn hours can be found here  Rideau hours can be found here.  Passes and permits are available online here.

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