New Mobile App: ‘Boat Notes’ is Just Right

New Mobile App: ‘Boat Notes’ is Just Right Jun 22, 2017
Boat Notes
“In the beginning,” the Canadian Safe Boating Council created Boat Notes, a precise focused overview of the most important things that a boater should know “before they go”. ‘Boat Notes’ was a simple three fold information piece, was not too comprehensive as to be confusing and not too light like boating safety PSA’s. In the words of Goldilocks (of the three bears fame) Boat Notes was “just right”.
Following close on the heels of the incredibly successful print version of Boat Notes, the CSBC has just launched the Boat Notes APP,  tailored “just right” for whatever kind of pleasure craft a boater is using. Boaters can make selections within the Boat Notes APP and receive information tailored to their needs. You can select vessel type and size  and find specific regulations that apply to each.
The Boat Note App enables a user to dive deeper into content for more a more interactive experience. It expands on information in ways print cannot offer:
  • Quick Tips are available for reference on various safety related topics including: lifejackets, sound signalling, flares and visual signals, buoyant heaving lines, lifebuoys, reboarding devices, fire extinguishers, bailers and bilge pumps, anchors, propelling devices and radar reflectors.
  • Detailed information is available on navigation lights, rules of the road and navigational aids.
  • To enhance the user experience the Boat Notes App offers comprehensive safety equipment checklists for pleasure craft and pre-departure checklists.
  • There is a full list of marine regulations for power boats, canoes and kayaks, personal watercraft, sailboats, paddle boats, sailboards and stand-up paddle boards.
  • The Boat Notes app also includes links to government marine forecasts, a Search feature in case you want to look for specific content, and a FAQ section covering everything from buying a boat to nautical charts.
Having all this boating knowledge in your pocket makes for easy quick reference and information that is “just right” for any boater’s day on the water. Download it at:
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