Need a Vacation? Try Solar-Powered Yachting

Need a Vacation? Try Solar-Powered Yachting Sep 5, 2020

The following comes from Jeff Butler of Mr. Butler’s article, “New floating solar powered resort developed by Silent Yachts”, has been summarized below with his permission.

Silent-Yachts, a company at the forefront of solar-powered yachting technology, recently unveiled plans for its floating, solar-powered resort. Under new division Silent-Resorts, the luxury vacation option is unique for its flexible, pre-engineered docking area that welcomes solar electric catamarans as floating villas for guests.

An aerial view of one complex.

While avoiding typical construction costs of projects on land, this development offers other exciting possibilities. Resorts can be installed anywhere in fewer than eighteen months. Other expenses are negated by virtue of resorts’ autonomy on the water, and catamaran complexes can be built in locations of traditional difficulty. Perhaps most important, sustainability meets luxury in the kind of innovation sure to prompt interest.

Silent-Yachts’ catamarans come in two forms: 18-metre-long SILENT 60 or 24-metre-long SILENT 80. Their solar and battery storage systems provide power to restaurants, a pool, a clubhouse, and other facilities. Villas are designed to use the same power system as each yacht. The entire experience, then, is an integrated and 100% carbon-free vacation.

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