Lowrance®, a world-leader in fishing electronics since 1957 has announced the release of new software updates for its Lowrance HDS Gen3 and HDS Gen2 Touch multifunction displays.
The latest software updates, RTM 3.0 for HDS Gen3 and RTM 5.0 for HDS Gen2 Touch, enable StructureScan® 3D (3D features only compatible with HDS Gen3 models), SonicHub2 capabilities and significant enhancements to the WM-3 Weather Module.
StructureScan 3D (HDS Gen3 Only) – For HDS Gen3 users, the latest update adds StructureScan 3D functionality when used with the new StructureScan 3D module and transducer. Allowing anglers to see fish, structure and bottom contours in a stunning three-dimensional view, StructureScan 3D imaging scans under-water terrain and fish-holding structure and creates a high-resolution, 180-degree, three-dimensional view beneath the boat. With this unique imaging view, anglers gain a better understanding of where fish and structure are located in relation to their boat. HDS Gen3 users will benefit from extended side-scan range and clarity up to 600 feet to each side of the boat for 1200 feet of total coverage when not in 3D mode.
SonicHub2  – The ultimate marine audio entertainment system, the Lowrance® SonicHub2 features integrated Bluetooth® wireless technology that provides music streaming – including Pandora® (wherever Pandora is available) – from a smart-phone or tablet. The system has a built-in AM/FM receiver, supports USB drive audio/video playback and features SIRIUSXM® radio connectivity (U.S. only) – all with full control from the HDS display.
WM-3 Weather Module – Bringing the power of an entire weather bureau to HDS Gen3 and Gen2 Touch multifunction displays, the WM-3 includes weather radar, forecasts, weather warnings and roadside fuel prices, plus up to 220 expanded audio channels – all controlled directly from the chartplotter display.
The software updates add the following weather module features:

  • High-resolution sea surface temperatures up to a 24 nautical mile coastal limit (including the Great Lakes)
  • High-resolution coastal and Great Lakes waves (with height, period and direction) with forecasts up to a 24 nautical mile coastal limit• High-resolution wind speed and direction with forecasts
  • NOWrad merged with Southern Canada, the Bahamas and Mexican radar
  • Sea surface tempera-tures and waves in Mexico and throughout Central America
  • Complete Canadian Marine Zone forecasts from Alaska throughout the Pacific Coast
  • Surface features forecasts with isobars and weather front symbols; cloud top images; and echo tops

With the release of these software updates, StructureScan 3D module and transducers, as well as SonicHub2 module and accessories are now shipping to retailers.
For more information about the new software releases, HDS Gen3, HDS Gen2 Touch, StructureScan 3D, SonicHub2, the WM-3 weather module, the complete line of Lowrance marine electronics, or to locate an authorized Lowrance dealer, please visit  www.lowrance.com.