Lowe Ultra 200 Cruiser

Lowe Ultra 200 Cruiser Jun 13, 2016
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The Ultra 200 Cruise is part of Lowe’s entry-level Ultra line, which for many people, translates to fun on the water that you can afford. There are few bells and whistles on the base model, and the design is pretty typical of a standard pontoon boat, but the price point is significantly lower than a lot of  other models out there.
To be clear, while the Cruise 200 may not be as fancy or expensive as many of the other boats on the market, it is still a quality product for excellent value. Lowe has been in the boat building business for 45 years, so they know a thing or two about manufacturing. In fact, Lowe has received 26 Customer Satisfaction Awards to date, more than any other aluminum boat builder in the United States.


LOA:  21’ 4” / 6.5M

Beam:   8’ / 2.44 M

Weight:   1496 lbs. / 678 kg

Max capacity:  11

Power:  115 HP

Manufactured by:
Lowe Boats
2900 Industrial Dr.
Lebanon, MO
(417) 532 9101

The Cruise 200 has a relatively standard pontoon boat layout, with two swivel chairs amidship, the helm station being to star-board, wrap-around benches up forward, and one long bench across the whole beam at the stern. There is a bimini cover that folds out over the middle of the boat, and access to the water is by way of a platform at the bow, and a ladder on the stern. There are two pontoons, and the boat is rated to carry one engine of up to 115 HP. The standard features include everything you need to get out on the water, from navigation lights to a trolling motor plug, to the requisite cup holders. Additionally, there are quite a few options to pick from if you do want to add to your on-the-water experience.
The Lowe Ultra 200 Cruise is not going to be the fanciest boat on the lake, but it is going to be a solid, dependable and fully able watercraft. The price is just right for any-one who is just getting into boat, or who may not spend enough time on the boat to justify some of the more expensive models. Regardless of why you may choose a Lowe, rest assured you are dealing with a top-tier company, ensuring you get the most enjoyment you can out of their products.
By Rhys Weed