Live Well Cleaner

Live Well Cleaner Jul 17, 2020

Whether generating a faint, musty smell or a full-on, recoil-at-the-stench odor, mold, mildew and microorganisms prove they love moist environments and thrive in them. But it’s easy to get rid of these intruders with Live Well Cleaner from Iosso Products. Made in the USA, it leaves coolers, refrigerators, bait buckets and live wells clean, fresh and odor-free.
Live Well Cleaner is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It works without chlorine or other harsh chemicals, and is pH-neutral. It leaves no harmful residue, so it’s safe for use around food and live fish. It can also be discarded into any environment—land or water—without concern.
Deodorizing Iosso Live Well Cleaner is also tough on scum and stains. It easily removes fish blood and algae, and cleans waterline slime. While powerful, it won’t affect fiberglass, paint or vinyl, nor corrode metal.
Using Iosso Live Well Cleaner is simple. The concentrated powder can be mixed in a bucket and sponged onto surfaces or poured directly into a tank and circulated with the pump. Once drained, a freshwater rinse is all that’s needed. A 4 oz. container will treat two average-size live wells and costs $5.95.
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