Easily Secure Air Tanks & Fire Extinguishers

Easily Secure Air Tanks & Fire Extinguishers Jul 16, 2020

Boaters use their boats for many things: cruising, fishing and swimming perhaps being the top three, but snorkelling and scuba diving are popular as well.  Loose scuba cylinders can cause serious damage to the vessel, other dive equipment as well as your passengers and guests. Most air tank holders install permanently. Not SeaSucker’s Single Tank Strap and Two Tank Rack. Ideal for multiple-use boats, they conveniently mount anywhere that there is a smooth or lightly-textured, non-porous surface.
SeaSucker holding power comes from the innovative Vacuum Mount. Unlike a suction cup, it doesn’t begin to fade as soon as it’s applied. Easily installed with a few quick pumps of the integrated power piston, it removes just as quickly without leaving a mark. 
The SeaSucker Single Tank Strap holds up to 210 lbs. and cylinder sizes from a pony bottle up to an 80 cu. ft. scuba tank. It’s also ideal for fire extinguishers. A heavy-duty black rubber strap secures equipment, yet is easy to use.
When two tanks need storage, the SeaSucker Two Tank Rack is the perfect solution. Dual cylinder holders are mounted to a 20” aluminum track and adjust to secure the largest of scuba tanks. Space-saving, the polymer arms fold up or down out of the way when not in use. With 420 lbs. of holding power, it’ll handle even large steel cylinders. The SeaSucker Single Tank Strap costs $89 US; the Two Tank Rack is $199 US.
For more information visit www.seasucker.com.