Honda Unveils Redesigned V6 200, 225 and 250hp Outboards

Honda Unveils Redesigned V6 200, 225 and 250hp Outboards Feb 16, 2018
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Remember the 2017 Design Concept Engine from Honda Marine that we told you about last year? Turns out it wasn’t just a concept engine, parts of it will appear in Honda’s new 200, 225 and 250hp outboards beginning in the fourth quarter of 2018.
For 2018, Honda Marine powers into the new boating season with a redesign of its flagship outboard motors, the BF200, BF225 and BF250. Targeting the heart of the boating market, the refreshed Honda BF200, BF225 and BF250 models mark the newest evolution in the company’s product line, integrating innovative design, a sleek new style, enhanced reliability, streamlined maintenance and an expanded number of rigging options for ease of use. Whether boaters are weekend cruisers or commercial (including government and law enforcement) users, these enhanced V6 motors deliver what every marine enthusiast wants—maximum time on the water.
“With a new design, a new engine powering the BF200 and BF225, multiple rigging options and Honda’s legendary durability and reliability, Honda Marine delivers best-in-class power and performance from initial blast to top end speed for the new BF200, BF225 and BF250 outboard motors,” said Will Walton, assistant vice president, Honda Marine. “Exciting things are happening at Honda Marine, and the new outboard motors are a key part of Honda Marine’s wave of new products.”
All three outboards debut the new Honda Progressive V Form, with aerodynamic lines and an emphasized “V” with the center grille and chrome line detail, exhibiting an elegant, aerodynamic design aesthetic. The new design also delivers boaters increased engine cover durability, better protection from water entering the engine and protection from paint chips and scrapes. The outboards are equipped with a three-latch lock and seal system and two inverted grip points that make the cover easy to remove and carry—the first step in easy maintenance. To enhance performance and provide better protection from water intrusion, the new cowling incorporates a dual channel, indirect-air-circuit induction system improving airflow while helping funnel moisture away from the throttle body. The undercase design has been streamlined to incorporate three pieces (instead of seven on the previous model), along with a heavy protective rubber edge at the base of the cowling, further protecting against outside elements and increasing durability. A new rear utility cover on the cowling features a design consistent with that of the Honda BF115hp-BF150hp outboards.
The new Honda Marine BF200, BF225 and BF250 incorporate more than cosmetic appearance changes. The revamped Honda V6 engines also feature a number of enhancements for improved reliability and ease of maintenance. Corrosion resistance is improved with a new coating on the surface of engine hardware that utilizes a chemically treated, zinc-nickel plating with a high corrosion-resistant top coat. In addition, components including the oil pan, thermostat cover, upper mount cover, and prop shaft holder use a higher corrosion-resistant material, resulting in a more durable engine and gear case. Finally, the number of anodes on each engine’s V bank has been increased from two to four.
And for more time on the water, routine maintenance time is reduced for activities such as oil and filter changes on the refreshed V6 outboards, courtesy of a larger diameter dipstick tube, the integration of a water separator and fuel strainer and relocation of the high-pressure filter (from the high-pressure pump) for easier access. For example, changing a high-pressure fuel filter on any of the new V6 motors now can take as little as five minutes as compared to the 60 minutes on existing models.
The new Honda Marine BF200, BF225, BF250 outboard motors, available in either Aquamarine Silver or Grand Prix White, will be available at Honda Marine dealers starting in the fourth quarter of 2018.  For more information visit

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