Hawke® Optics Breaks Into Marine And Boating Life in 2023

Hawke® Optics Breaks Into Marine And Boating Life in 2023 Mar 31, 2023
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Hawke® Optics, a worldwide leader in precision optics with outstanding performance in the field and optimal value for the consumer, has expanded into marine and boating life with their line of Endurance ED Marine Optics. Designed to suit all marine applications, the Marine Optics family of binoculars and monoculars is superior.

28465ajb 8872 Hr HawkeHawke’s Endurance ED Optics have been distinguished for their incredible performance and reliability for over a decade. The Marine Optics line is no different. Hawke has grown their award-winning selection with optics that are specifically designed for marine and boating applications. These models are 7x magnification, making them ideal for being on the water, as the lower the magnification power, the more stabilized your viewing image will be. They are designed with advanced BAK-4 roof prism optical systems making them far more compact, modern, and lightweight than the industry norm.

Your Marine Optics are waterproof to IP67, so they aren’t afraid of going overboard, even if you are! This protection rating means your optics are fully sealed against foreign bodies such as dirt, dust, and other particles. They have one of the highest ratings of protection against full water immersion for up to 30 minutes at 1 meter. Their resistance to corrosion from the salty air makes them a must have for life on or near the ocean! They are purged and filled with dry nitrogen, meaning they will not fog over in cold conditions or when you need them the most.

The System H5 optics from Hawke provide crisp, clear, and bright images with enhanced light transmission. Endurance ED models benefit from this system, which utilizes ED glass to reduce colour fringing, known as chromatic aberration. The Fully Multi-Coated lenses provide high resolution images which ensure no details are lost when viewing at a distance. Effortless focusing and impressive depth of field makes these binoculars quick and easy to use. All Marine Optics are designed with a wide-angle field of view, and are water and fog proof with a high grip rubber coated body. Endurance is designed to battle the elements.

Two of the models, 7×50 Binocular and 7×42 Monocular, have an integrated compass for navigation. The compass on the binocular model is illuminated for even more visibility in low light conditions. Many boaters have onboard navigation systems, but if those systems fail, you’ll have a fail-safe with your optics! These models are also designed with a range-finding reticle, to be used to calculate the distance between you and another object. Three other models make up the Marine Optics line, including a 7×32 and 7×50 Binocular and a 7×42 Monocular.19879endurance Ed Marine 7x50 Front Blue Hr hawke

Binocular models come with a high-visibility floating neck strap and monocular models come with a high-visibility floating wrist strap to protect your optics in case they fall overboard. You also get lens covers, a protective carry case, carry bag and lens cleaning cloth. Have no fear of damage thanks to Hawke’s No-Fault Lifetime Warranty, they have you covered. Learn more on the Hawke Optics website.


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