Ducks Unlimited Canada Celebrating 85 Years of Conservation

Ducks Unlimited Canada Celebrating 85 Years of Conservation Apr 3, 2023
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No fooling… April 1st is a day to celebrate Ducks

It may be April Fools’ Day, but the passion we have for conservation is no joke. Today is DUC’s official 85th anniversary and we’re more excited than ever about the possibilities to create a brighter, more sustainable world. That’s why we’re putting pranks and hoaxes aside to celebrate how far we’ve come, and to dream about all the places we’ll go while pursuing our vision of clean water and healthy wetlands for all waterfowl, wildlife and people.

As a valued supporter, we hope you’ll take pride in this milestone and join us as the journey continues.



Famous firsts: moments that put DUC and wetland conservation on the map.

In 1938, DUC gave wings to wetland conservation in Canada and our actions have been making history ever since. Some of our most memorable moments have been firsts for the organization—and firsts for the country. We’ve taken a stroll down memory lane and compiled some notable milestones from the past 85 years.

While our name may say Ducks, we know that DUC is really about people. This short new video is a tribute to our conservation community—people like you who are creating a future that is truly unlimited in its possibilities.



Stories that surprise, educate and entertain.

All year, we’re honouring some of the places, people and partners that have brought us this far in our conservation journey. Check out the newest collection of articles in our 85th anniversary series to read the incredible story of the DUC project in Saskatchewan that rose from the ashes of an infamous prairie wildfire.

Learn which staff member’s childhood nickname “bird brain” set the course for his 35-year career with DUC. And find out how one cream-of-the-crop partner is supporting wetland conservation from farmyards across the country.

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