Glastron 187 Jet

Glastron 187 Jet Jun 7, 2016
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Tight little package

The Glastron GTS 187 is a compact and powerful jetboat designed for tow sports enthusiasts. Measuring in just shy of 20 feet long, this boat still packs up to 240 horsepower under the deck, making for a very dynamic ride.
The GTS 187 is not only powerful, it is very versatile. Designed chiefly with towing sports in mind it is also a great boat for exploring. The 14” (30 cm) draft means you can get into any spots imaginable, and beaching is no problem. When on the road it is equally portable, weighing in at only 2040 lbs (925kg), with an included trailer of 713 lbs (323 kg). All told this is less than 3000 lbs (1500 kg), meaning easy and safe towing. You won’t be anchored in just one lake with this model, the limit is only how far you want to drive.


LOA:  19’ 6” / 5.94 m

Beam:   7’ 5” / 2.26 m

Weight:   2040 lbs. / 925 kg

Draft:  14” / 0.36 m

Fuel:   27 gal. / 102 L

Max HP:  240 HP

925 Frisbie St. , Cadillac, MI  49601
(231) 775-1343 

Another key feature of the GTS 187 is that the Rotax block powers a waterjet propulsion system. Jet drives are excellent for recreational boats, especially smaller ones, for a number of reasons. First, they offer unparalled safety as there are no propellers or moving parts to injure swimmers. Second, they allow for great shallow water handling, the jet doesn’t protrude beneath the boat and there is no propeller or outdrive to strike on rocks and logs. Lastly, the responsiveness and power you get from a jet drive is outstanding, creating an incredible ride that is hard to match with traditional propulsion systems.
As for the tow sports, the GTS 187 comes with a stainless ski tow, and board storage under the deck. There is also a wakeboarding tower available as an option. Towing is what this model is meant to do, and it will do it well. With an HP to length ratio of as much as 12/1, you are sure to be able to tow anyone that wants to hop on the rope.
If you are looking for a compact and powerful tow boat, then the GTS 187 is an excellent choice. If you are also looking for one you can trailer around with, then you’ve found your match.
By Rhys Weed