Garmin Acquires Navionics to Increase Product Depth

Garmin Acquires Navionics to Increase Product Depth Oct 27, 2017

The name Garmin is familiar to most experienced boaters. The Switzerland-based company is one of the technology leaders in the marine industry. Their product catalog includes everything from depth sounders to radar systems, chart plotters to cameras.
Garmin also produces its own line of electronic charts and maps under their BlueChart and LakeVu labels. However, Garmin is about to seriously increase the coverage and quality of their software maps with the acquisition of Navionics.
This acquisition by Garmin gives them access to Navionics extensive library of navigation charts. The Italian company has compiled through years of mapping waterways with its own proprietary method, including satellites and airborne lasers.
Garmin President and CEO Cliff Pemble released this statement in a press release earlier today:
“Navionics has long been known as a leading supplier of highly accurate navigational charts and mobile applications for boaters. By combining Navionics’ content with Garmin’s BlueChart® and LakeVü™ content, we will be able to offer the best available breadth and depth of coverage to our marine customers. Going forward, we plan to retain the Navionics brand and will continue to support Navionics’ existing customers.”
Garmin intends to continue to operate the Navionics brand and retain all of Navionics global employee base.
The integration of Navionics mapping data with Garmin’s vast array of marine electronics is sure to create a compelling product line for boaters.
Navionics also produces mobile applications for boaters. Considering Garmin’s extensive experience in the wearable technologies field, this could result in some interesting new products for boaters in the future.
For more details on the acquisition, you can read the full press release on Garmin’s website.
Source: Garmin
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