Four Winns TS 242

Four Winns TS 242 Jun 6, 2016
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Revolutionary ride

The TS242 from Four Winns is a through and through skiing and boarding boat. The design is all new for this year, but draws on Four Winns long history as a build-er of excellent boats. The main features that make this boat so good at what it does are the hull shape and the choice of propulsion technology. Rare for a tow boat, the TS242 uses outboard drives, as opposed to inboards or jets. This break from the norm is possible purely because of Volvo Penta’s Forward Drive System.
The TS242 is driven by Volvo Penta’s Forward Drive System. This revolutionary change to propulsion literally goes contrary to everything that’s come before. The outdrive is flipped around 180 degrees so that the propellers face forward. This design change is what allows Four Winns to use an outboard drive, because the propellers are now safely forward and under the boat, far away from anyone in the water. Whether it is a rider or a swimmer, people are safe anywhere around the stern. By using two contra-rotating propellers in the system, the Forward Drive also results in much cleaner and symmetrical wake formation, resulting in conditions that are more predictable and better for your riders. A third benefit that directly affects those using the TS242 for towing sports is the way that the trim of the Forward Drive affects how the boat sits in the water. By angling the unit downwards, you actually help pull the stern down, as well as propel forward. This means that the engine is assisting the ballast systems, as opposed to fighting them, and helps to create an increase in draft which in turn creates a larger wake.


Length Overall:  24’ 5”/ 7.44 M

Width:  8’ 6” / 2.59 M

Weight:  4660 lbs. / 2110 kg.

Capacity:  14 People

Max HP:  380

Manufactured by:
Four Winns
925 Frisbie St. , Cadillac, MI  49601
(231) 775-1343   

The Forward Drive System has additional benefits that are of more general application. By placing the propellers ahead of the outdrive they operate in undisturbed water, this increases the efficiency resulting in better performance, less vibration and superior fuel consumption.  The exhaust still runs out the aft side of the drive unit, but as the propellers no longer need to accommodate it, you can have larger props, resulting in even more performance increases.
The hull shape of the TS242 is designed to allow for excellent tracking and stability, even when playing in large wakes. Four Winns legendary  Stable-Vee hull is a proprietary design that pushes the running surface farther aft. The deadrise changes angle as you progressively get further aft. Together, these two features along with some smaller tweaks, create a stable platform that doesn’t heel nearly as much as other designs when turning or at rest. All this means a more comfortable ride and greater control for the captain, allowing you to get the most out of the conditions available.
Most of the equipment required for high-performance tow-sports comes standard with the TS242. This includes the tower (hinged or fixed), storage racks, towing mirror and the ballast system. You’ll have to spring extra cash for the Wake Enhancement tabs, and a few minor upgrades to the tower. Of particular note for a boat of this class is the fully enclosed head that comes standard, you won’t find that on many comparable models.  The twin-axle trailer is also included in the purchase price, with upgrades available as desired.
The Four Winns TS242 is an excellent boat by any standard. The propulsion system provides high-performance, control and efficiency, the hull shape creates a great ride with lots of control, and the quality of the build ensures years of enjoyment. If you want a solid tow boat designed for some excellent days on the water, this is a model you won’t want to miss.

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