BRP Makes a Bold Decision

BRP Makes a Bold Decision Mar 25, 2021

BRP electrifies the industry, making more jobs in both Valcourt, Quebec, and in Europe with a $300 Million commitment

By Eric Vienneau
BRP is introducing electric models for each of its product lines by the end of 2026. They are investing over $300 million over the next five years, and to achieve this the first product is expected to hit the market within two years.
“We have always said electrification was not a question of ‘if’ but a question of ‘when’. Today, we are very excited to unveil more details of our plan to deliver market-shaping products that will enhance the consumer experience by offering new electric options,” said José Boisjoli, President and CEO. “We are leveraging our engineering know-how and innovation capabilities to define the best strategy for developing electric-powered products.”
In 2019, BRP acquired assets of Alta Motors, an electric motorcycle manufacturer. They commercialized the Rotax Sonic E-Kart which is in operation at the Rotax MAX Dome in Linz, Austria. A few months later they released e-concepts at Club BRP 2019, giving a glimpse into the future. Sea-Doo is involved, being apart of the e-concepts. BRP have produced several battery-electric, hybrid-electric, and fuel cell-electric vehicles over the years.
Today, BRP made a bold decision to develop its Rotax modular electric powerpack technology, BRP will enhance customer experience by offering new electric options.
Bernard Guy, Senior Vice-President of Global Product Strategy said he is thrilled to created an EV expertise centre, taking steps into the world of electrification.
As a result, they are expanding their Rotax electric power unit development infrastructure in Gunkirchen, Austria, and is also creating BRP Electric Vehicle Development Centre, located in its hometown of Valcourt, Quebec, Canada. It features state-of-the-art equipment including test benches and dynamometers, robotized manufacturing cell for electric batteries.
They are recruiting for several job positions as they move to the next phase of electric propulsion technology development. Quebec, Austria, Finland and the United Stated, and hundreds of engineers and specialized technicians will be involved in developing and producing electric vehicles at BRP.
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