Bennington QX25

Bennington QX25 May 18, 2017
The Bennington QX25 has sleek minimalist styling

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ESP – The Bennington QX25 reminds us to appreciate the finer things in life.

Bennington is a company that takes an immense amount of pride in all aspects of their work.
Simply by visiting Bennington’s website you see the care and attention to detail that Bennington is known for.  You can explore the many facets of their company and the process behind the boats they create.
With Bennington’s reputation in mind, it should be noted that the QX series is the absolute top-of-line that the company offers. Consequently, the highest qualities of design and construction can be expected with this watercraft. The lines are incredibly sleek, giving the vessel more of a traditional look. The side panels blend in smoothly at the bow and stern, avoiding the abrupt lines so commonly seen on pontoon boats. The colour scheme is very customizable, meaning each owner can really get the unique look they want out on the water. A forward-raked arch completes the look, while it also functions as the ski-tow for the boat.
Despite the sleek and minimalist styling, the QX25 still includes the large deck area and stability that pontoon boats are known for. There are access doors at the bow and stern, and a stainless fold-down ladder on the stern as well. The deck layout has four large reclining chaise lounges, one at each corner of the boat. The aft ones face aft, while those up forward face ahead.  The mid-part of the boat has the Captain’s chair to starboard and another chair to port. Rated for up to 15 passengers, entertaining friends can be done in comfort and style.
A range of performance packages are available for the QX 25. Depending on your intended use, you can have anything from a two-pontoon, low HP boat for relaxing on the lake, right up to the three-pontoon, V-shape, high-performance Elliptical Sport Package (ESP). The QX seems more suited for the ESP type performance package though. When combined with an engine of up to 400 HP, it will easily put most other boats in their place. The ESP package include lifting strakes that assist the boat in getting on plane, performance foils for tighter turns and an under deck wave shield that minimizes pounding and slap in choppy waters.
The quality of the construction is evident throughout the boat, from the smallest details to the high performance packages. Bennington makes extensive use of stainless parts closer frame spacing at areas of high stress and ties it all together with stainless fasteners for longevity and minimal maintenance. An all metal extruded side skirt provides all around protection for your boat. Bennington’s rattle-free rails are another great feature. With a bit of thought and effort Bennington has managed to remove the rattle you hear on many other pontoon boats, a small but important feature that further goes to showcase the care that is put into the littlest details of these boats.
If you need one more reason to check out a boat from Bennington, there is Club Bennington. Owners are encouraged to join so they can receive a wide range of benefits, including a two year extension on the warranty, bringing the length of warranty up to a full seven years, which is unmatched by any other pontoon boat manufacturer.
Ultimately, the QX25 is a very high quality, high performance watercraft, meant for those who appreciate the finest things in life. With the wide range of options available for performance and propulsion, this excellent watercraft can be tailored to your exact desires, ensuring years of satisfaction and enjoyment.
By Rhys Weed


Length: 27’ 3” / 8.3 m
Width: 8’ 6” / 2.55 m
Maximum HP: 400 HP
Person Capacity: 15
Weight: 4154 lbs. / 1884 kg

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Bennington Marine
2805 Decio Dr., Elkhart IN 46514

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