Barletta EX23Q

Barletta EX23Q Nov 27, 2019

By Bill Jennnings

You won’t believe this !! You are cruising alongside a new EX23Q, Barletta pontoon boat and suddenly it seems to be growing bigger. In disbelief you watch the beam on the Barletta extend from 8’ 6”, to 14’ 10”. Suddenly, the boat has added 128 square feet of floor space. You are not hallucinating. You witnessed one of the amazing features offered by Barletta for 2020. From “normal store to dance floor” in just a few seconds. Expanding floor space on pontoons has been something I have advocated for years and now a Barletta will do it hydraulically at the push of a button. But this isn’t the only trick that Barletta has up its sleeve.

Most importantly, there are unique structural features that make Barletta a perfect choice for those seeking the best in quality and strength. The Barletta pontoon platform is built using box I beam cross-members in combination with oversized C channels. The plywood used is 7 ply marine grade. You will also appreciate Barletta’s vibration technology that places dampeners in key areas to virtually eliminate noise and vibration. Performance is also enhanced, by extending the motor pad to allow the propeller to run in the most favorable water.

Without close inspection, pontoon boats can all start to look the same. With a Barletta from this experienced Indianna manufacturer, it will be easy for you to identify your boat from all the others.


Length: 25’1” / 7.62 m
Beam: 8’6” / 2.59 m
Pontoon Diameter: 26”
Fuel: 48 gals / 181 L
Max Capacity: 13
Max HP: 150 hp
MSRP: Approx. $115,000 to $130,000 US

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