Yamaha’s new V8 XTO wins IBEX Innovation Award

Yamaha’s new V8 XTO wins IBEX Innovation Award Dec 4, 2018

For the second year in a row, Yamaha has been named an IBEX Innovation Award winner in the outboard motor category by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and Boating Writers International (BWI) during the annual International Boatbuilders’ Exhibition and Conference (IBEX).
This year, Yamaha’s innovative new V8 XTO Offshore was given the nod. “We recognize the judges had a great deal to consider when making their selections, so this is a great honour,” said Jean-Francois Rioux, National Manager, Marine, Yamaha Motor Canada. “This new flagship outboard is a huge step forward in technology – not just for Yamaha but for the marine industry as a whole. The XTO is an exciting addition that expands Yamaha’s lineup to meet the evolving demand from both boat builders and consumers for outboard power on larger boats.”
Pushing the heaviest offshore boats and yachts requires driving extreme, large propellers, a massive, rugged gearcase and an extreme powerhead. As the first four-stroke powerhead in the outboard industry to use Direct Injection, the V8 XTO Offshore is already a legend, spraying fuel at high pressure directly into the combustion chamber, rather than the intake track, just before the intake valve. This greatly improves atomization and increases the effectiveness of the fuel burn for maximum power and efficiency. The V8 XTO Offshore also features integrated electric steering, the first of its kind in any outboard. The integrated steering system has no hydraulic lines or linkages, and responds more quickly than conventional systems to steering inputs. In addition, integrated electric steering means reduced power consumption, clean rigging, and a very orderly bilge area.
Boats powered by the V8 XTO Offshore need go no further than the dock for a lower unit service, thanks to a unique gearcase lubricant exchange system that allows fluid change in the water. In addition, the V8 XTO Offshore also has great charging capabilities, providing up to 90 amps of total (gross) power and reaches peak net output around 1500 rpm where it is needed most.
The Innovation Awards program is one of the marine industry’s most prestigious honours. It recognizes products that demonstrate innovative distinction from other products, with tangible benefits for both consumers and the marine industry. The Innovation Awards judging committee is comprised of BWI members who perform product testing throughout the year and have specific expertise in marine OEM products and equipment.
See Power Boating Canada’s first test impressions here, and watch for a full Hands On Test Report on this new XTO outboard coming soon.
To see the entire lineup of Yamaha Outboards, visit www.yamaha-motor.ca.

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