Volvo Introduces Innovative Easy Drain System

Volvo Introduces Innovative Easy Drain System Oct 3, 2016

Volvo Penta has announced the launch of the patent-pending Volvo Penta Easy Drain, the first gasoline sterndrive raw water engine-draining system that can be activated with a single knob, whether the boat is in or out of the water. This innovative product makes its debut at the International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition & Conference (IBEX), taking place October 4-7 in Tampa, Florida.

“With the Volvo Penta Easy Drain we are introducing technology never before offered in the boating industry – a solution that allows boaters to drain raw water from their vessels in mere minutes without having to remove the boat from the water,” said Ron Huibers, president of Volvo Penta of the Americas. “Our engineers designed the solution from the ground up, with the specific needs of boaters in mind.”

The Volvo Penta Easy Drain system is designed with an anti-siphon vent that allows the engine to drain while in the water. The anti-siphon vent is actuated automatically with the push of a single knob, without disconnecting any water hoses. Previously, it was necessary to disconnect three different hoses. A locking pin ensures no accidental opening of the system. Because all new-generation Volvo Penta gasoline engines are designed with a closed-loop fresh-water cooling system, the engine block is constantly protected by anti-freeze, making it easier to drain the raw water from the system.

“The Volvo Penta Easy Drain is part of our ongoing Easy Boating initiative, which aims to make it easier for boat owners to enjoy the boating lifestyle by removing barriers and simplifying operation and maintenance of the boat,” said Huibers. “Furthermore, the new solution allows boaters in cold-weather climates to extend the boating season by making it easy to drain the engine when there is a risk of freezing, as well as for long-term storage.”

Easy Drain will be available this fall and standard on all new Volvo Penta Gen V 4.3 and 5.3l gasoline engines. To learn more about Volvo Penta’s latest innovations including Easy Drain, please visit IBEX booth 504 or online at