Versatile Gear Hook

Versatile Gear Hook Oct 9, 2019

A walk through any marina tells the tale: boat owners have a lot of stuff and not enough places to stow it all. Between the wet towels draped over bow rails and spinnaker sheets drying across mast covers, it’s an unkempt, cluttered mess—and that doesn’t include everything tossed below and out of sight. With the newly redesigned Utility Hook from SeaSucker, there’s a spot to hang almost anything—above deck or below. It holds up to 120 lbs. without permanent installation.

The SeaSucker Utility Hook is no lightweight accessory. Made from extra-strong, UV-stable StarBoard, it’s built in the USA with the high standards of ISO 9001:2015 for extreme marine conditions. Its 1.25” wide hook has an opening spread of about 3.5”. Overall, it measures 9.25” H x 4.5” W x 7” D.

The hook is attached to a 4.5” SeaSucker Vacuum Mount. Not a common rubber suction cup, it holds an astounding 120 lbs. for days on end. When its integrated power button displays orange, a few quick pumps renews its holding power. The Utility Hook adheres securely to a wide range of boat surfaces without leaving a mark.

For every use the SeaSucker Utility Hook has above decks, there are likely two below. It tames even the unruliest of gear like stern anchors and yards of line. And because it doesn’t install permanently, it can move to where it’s needed and then just as easily store out of the way when it’s not. It costs $60.

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