Handy Rod Holders

Handy Rod Holders Oct 11, 2019

Serious anglers protect their tackle and wouldn’t dream of letting a rod and reel rattle around under a gunwale. Made in the USA, SeaSucker’s three new Pro Series Rod Holders install quickly and without drilling or leaving marks. They secure rods and tools where they’re needed, within arm’s reach or completely out of the way.

Pro Series Rod Holders are held securely in place with an innovative SeaSucker Vacuum Mount. The Single-Rod Holder has a 4.5” mount that holds 120 lbs. The Two- and Three-Rod Holders have 6” mounts that boast 210 lbs. of holding power. Built of marine grade HDPE and stainless steel, they adhere to a wide range of surfaces, even lightly curved and textured.

The Pro Series Rod Holders are loaded with new features. Removable pins in each tube provide for conventional and long-butt spinning gear. Ready access to a knife is essential; the 2-Rod version holds one and the 3-Rod, two. “SeaSucker’s Pro Series line helps you keep the essentials at hand,” said Capt. Geoffrey Page, Florida Insider Fishing Report.

The SeaSucker Pro Series Single Rod Holder costs $70; the 2-Rod Holder is $100; and the 3-Rod Holder, $145.

For more information visit: www.seasucker.com; or view the video available at www.youtube.com/user/SeaSuckerVideos.