U SAFE Showcases Self-Propelled Life Preserver

U SAFE Showcases Self-Propelled Life Preserver Feb 23, 2023

U SAFE is a company that makes a remote-controlled flotation device that can save lives. The U-shaped life preserver was on full display at the 2023 Miami International Boat Show indoors and on the water.

By: Jarrett Matthews

The U SAFE is an “aquatic robot” that is able to maneuver in rough water conditions and rescue people from drowning. The life-preserver can be thrown out of a helicopter and controlled with a remote to get to hard to reach areas. The unit has a 300-500 meter range and is fully rechargeable with a lithium ion battery.

U SAFE says the device can operate whether it’s upside down or right side up.

“The behaviour and controllability of the maritime rescue remotely controllable lifebuoy is highly effective due to
its sophisticated guidance and navigation system,” U SAFE said. “Its development is aimed at a simple and intuitive use, in order to allow anyone to perform a rescue, without previous training, maintaining high accuracy.”

Two brushless motors, one on each end, propel the 30-pound device up to 15 kph or 8 knots for up to 5.9 km or 3.2 nautical miles.

U SAFE’s life preserver has been approved in dozens of countries and is hoping to expand their reach even further to save more lives.

For more information about this product, visit U SAFE’s website.

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