During the recent months, Power Boating Canada has had the opportunity to check out several of the tow vehicles available on the Canadian market, including both 2017 models and a few of the new 2018 units.

We towed our 42-foot Poker Run Fountain Pace Boat, the Poker Run 32’ Sunsation centre console Safety Boat, our special event trailer, and a series of pontoon and pleasure boats with a variety of suitable pickups and SUV models, covering an average of 1,000 km with each tow vehicle to bring you this synopsis of tow vehicles for 2018.

Ford F150

We towed the 32’ Sunsation safety boat with a Ford F150 4WD Supercrew powered by the 5L V8 with automatic transmission. This truck, newly redesigned for 2018, features heat-treated high-strength, military-grade, aluminum alloy in key cab and bed components, making the truck body stronger yet lighter than previous Ford F-150 models. This lighter construction, combined with technological enhancements in the engine and drivetrain, contributed to a better than anticipated fuel efficiency in highway cruising, especially when towing our 32’ Sunsation. We were particularly impressed with the Pro Trailer Backup Assist™, the integrated tailgate step and remote tailgate release, and the deployable box side steps.
For more information visit www.ford.ca

Ford F250

We enjoyed the opportunity to tow our 42’ Fountain pace boat with the new Ford F250 Super Duty®, also featuring the new design aluminum alloy load bed, riding on stronger axles and chassis components, and an all-new fully boxed frame constructed of 95 percent high-strength steel. The towing capacity, cited by Ford as class-leading, was easily capable of hauling our boat over some of the winding mountain roads in Eastern North America.
For more information visit Ford.ca

GMC Yukon XL

We towed our Power Boating Canada event trailer, and the 32’ Sunsation centre console safety boat, with the new GMC Yukon XL SLT – and what a luxurious ride it was! Power from the 5.3L 8cyl gas engine was plentiful, and the 4×4 drivetrain with smooth shifting automatic transmission was a pleasure to run on the highway and in the city, with or without a boat in tow. We covered close to 2,000 km, and came pretty close to the fuel efficiency rating of 15.3L/100 km city, 10.9L/100 km highway, and 13.3L/100 km combined.
For more information visit www.gmccanada.ca

Nissan Armada

During the summer, we participated in a Nissan Canada tow test marathon, where we had the opportunity to drive, tow, and launch a variety of boats and tow vehicles.
The Nissan tow vehicles have taken a quantum leap forward, with the 2017 and 2018 models bringing outstanding comfort and towing capability to the light and mid-size tow vehicle segments. The Armada, redesigned for 2017 and tweaked for 2018, is powered by a fuel efficient, 5.6-litre Direct Injection Gasoline V8 with dual overhead cams, 32 valves, and VVEL valve control to enhance throttle response. This full-size SUV boasts 390 h.p. and 394 lb-ft of torque, to deliver 8,500-lb. maximum towing capacity.
For more information, visit www.nissan.ca

Nissan Titan

We had the opportunity to tow with the 2017 Nissan Titan XD Platinum Reserve, powered by the Cummins Turbo diesel, and the Tundra gas models.
The Titan XD with the 310 HP 555 lb-ft. Cummins Cummins 5.0L V8 Turbo Diesel has a Holset M2 two-stage turbocharger for smooth and confident power. The Titan turbo diesel can carry a load of 2,000 lbs. and tow a rig weighing up to 12,000 lbs. Handling is a pure pleasure – this is easily the best Nissan pickup we have ever driven, and well worth a look – especially if you have not driven a Nissan truck before… the engine is really quiet for a diesel, thanks to the latest Bosch® HPCR fuel system and piezo-style injectors that deliver precise fuel control and multiple injections per combustion stroke, this increases efficiency and drastically cuts down on ‘diesel clatter.’
For more information, visit www.nissan.ca

Ram 1500 SXT

One of the coolest rides we tried out this fall was the new RAM 1500, powered by the 5.7L Hemi V8 with Torqueflite eight-speed transmission and 10.50 to 1 compression ratio, delivering 395hp @ 5,600RPM. This truck was a real sportster, with precise handling, great performance and a fully-featured interior that transformed any task into a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience. Our RAM 1500 SXT Quad Cab test truck was a bright green – “sublime green jellybean” it was spectacular inside, and very, very green outside… towing capacity when suitably equipped is 10,620 lbs.
For more information visit www.ramtruck.ca

Toyota Tundra

We had the pleasure of driving a Toyota Tundra 2018 4X4 Crewmax SR5 powered by the 5.7L 8 Cylinder gas engine, rated at 18L/100km city, 14.2L/100km highway. This truck was a beauty, and with its 10,000 lb. towing capacity, it pulled our safety boat with ease.
The Tundra Crewmax interior is elegant and fully-featured, with top-of-the-line seating and instrumentation. While this model is at the top end of the price scale, there are several alternatives that bring the Toyota within the competitive price range, and this would be a logical addition to your road test schedule if you are looking for a new truck in 2018.
For more information, visit www.toyota.ca