NFL Quarterback Tom Brady pre-orders a Wajer 77 yacht!

NFL Quarterback Tom Brady pre-orders a Wajer 77 yacht! May 21, 2021
Tom Brady

By Eric Vienneau

Tom Brady is in Tampa Bay and he seems to be fully embracing the Florida boating lifestyle!

After bringing the Buccaneers to win Super Bowl LV on February 7, 2021, Brady celebrated Florida-style. He was even seen throwing the Lombardi Trophy between boats during a floating Super Bowl Parade.

Watch Tom Brady throw the Lombardi Trophy from boat to boat below:

Recently, the quarterback revealed that he is upgrading his 55-foot yacht, to a 77-foot yacht from Wajer.

The Wajer 77 is all about outdoor living. With spacious circular seating, large sofas, a dining area at the back, massive sun pads up front, and plenty of opportunity for water sports fans.

Another feature is the electrically adjustable deck lay out, which makes it possible to change the set-up of the outside benches and wetbar, and with the intense heat in Tampa Bay, the deck cooling feature will ensure that Brady will be living in luxury.

“It’s an honour for our company that Tom had chosen the Wajer 55S to sail the waters around Tampa,” said Dries Wajer, CEO of Wajer Yachts. “The fact that he now purchased the Wajer 77 is a huge compliment. We really appreciate that he is an ambassador for our brand.”

Wajer released a video promoting the release of the new yacht, which included a short interview with Brady. He is one of 15 customers to pre-order the new 77-foot model.

“I was in New England for a lot of years, which is kind of a boating community, but moving down to Tampa Bay last year, I live right here on this beautiful bay, Old Hillsborough Bay,” said Brady. “The first thing I did when I got here, I said ‘I need a boat.’”

Brady said he is going to name the 77 after his current yacht: Viva a Vida, which translate to English as: Live Life. The name comes from the charity Brady’s wife Gisele Bündchen started. The charity’s plan is to conserve the environment by planting trees in Brazil’s rainforest.

Wajer is a family-owned business. Originating in the Netherlands, their yachts are a combination of comfort, performance, and contemporary design.

“We noticed a growing desire among owners to travel the world over water,” said Dries Wajer, owner of Wajer Yachts. “The Wajer 77’s comfort and ease of control are designed to cater exactly to those combined needs.”

The 77 is approx. $6 million, according to Forbes. Along with its outdoor living, it has three bedrooms, sleeps nine, is powered by 3 Volvo Penta IPS 1200 D13-900HP, and can reach speed of up to 37 knots with a total range of 400 nautical miles.

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