Lowe Favourite 198

Lowe Favourite 198 Jul 1, 2020

Boat Test #1598
By Tom Dillon

For a company with the history and reputation that Lowe has, you don’t throw the term ‘favorite’ around with putting some serious thought into it. Be sure, in this case there was plenty of thought put into the name. A lot of time and resources went into the conception and design of this one, and tellingly, it is a fishing boat.

Lowe is always serious about their fishing boats, and this one takes the best of what they have to offer, in one compact and slick package. Coming in at just under 20’ the boat can handle up to four adults, you aren’t going to take a whole party on this one, but that’s not what it is meant for. For any longer trips you’re realistically limited to two onboard, as there are two seats, each with their own tinted windshield. Once you are at the spot, the layout is a classic fishing platform, with a wide open bow and stern for all around casting and landing. A nice touch is that the Favorite is decked with SeaDek, waterproof, non-skid and anti-fatigue!

In terms of equipment, there is no need for any add-ons or options, it all comes standard. A 150 HP engine provides the speed to get you back and forth to the fishing grounds, there is a Minn-Kota trolling motor up forward for when you’re there, and a pair of Minn-Kota 8’ Talon anchor poles for keeping you right on top of your spot. A locker on the centreline can handle up to 10 separate rods, maxing out at 8’ 6” in length – plenty of room for even the longest in your collection.

The Favorite of Lowe’s will quickly become your favourite, too. When it comes to a fishing platform, you can’t do much better. As the video on the Lowe website says: “If you can’t catch a fish in this, you can’t catch a fish.”


LOA: 19’ 8” / 5.99 M
Beam: 94” / 2.39 M
Weight:  1285 lbs. / 583 kg
Max capacity: 4
Power: 150 HP
MSRP: $44,425 USD

For more information:    www.loweboats.com 

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