Looking For A Great Job? Consider these vacancies…

Looking For A Great Job? Consider these vacancies… Feb 3, 2016

The Ontario marine industry has been seeing a shortage of skilled technicians for several years now. This may not be much of a surprise for those in the industry, but it is a great opportunity for anyone looking for work. A December 2015 survey of the industry revealed there will be approximately 600 openings in 2016 in the marine industry across Ontario. Some 200 of those jobs are for new, entry level positions or those entering through a marine apprenticeship. The industry survey has identified that this job demand carries through into both 2017 and 2018.
The marine industry in Ontario has worked with Georgian College – Midland Campus to establish a state-of-the-art marine training facility for the colleges Marine Mechanic program (8 months). This year there will be only 15 graduates to fill the demand for those 200 entry level jobs. That is a great opportunity for each one of those graduates. We have identified that there is a high demand for employees; the question remains where and how do we find new students to enroll in the course?
In partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, Regional Tourism Organization 7
and the Boating Ontario Association, a unique workforce development program, CATCH THE WAVE, has
been created to provide the tools needed to recruit students. “We are seeking volunteers to champion the program at the grassroots level. With student recruitment activities occurring at High Schools and Learning Centres throughout much of the province, now is the time to educate students about the career
opportunities in the marine industry. The goal of the program is to recruit as many interested students as we can to help fill this critical void in the marine industry,” states Rob Davidson, Program Coordinator at Georgian College.
If you work in the marine industry here is a chance to give back. Volunteer some of your time to promote
the program – we will give you all the tools you’ll need. If you are a school official, Guidance Counselor,
or a Technical teacher and would like us to visit your school contact us today to schedule a presentation.
If you are a parent, grandparent or interested in the course and would like more information – please feel free to contact us today.
About Boating Ontario
Boating Ontario is the largest recreational boating trade association in Canada. With a quarter million
lakes, countless rivers and bays making Ontario a boater’s paradise, the Boating Ontario Association and its members promote Ontario waterways. Visit www.boatingontario.ca to plan your next adventure on the water.
For More Information please contact:
Warren Howes, Catch the Wave Project Lead whowes@rogers.com 1-705-327-9727

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