A battery powered surfboard? Introducing the Jetboard!

A battery powered surfboard? Introducing the Jetboard! Jan 28, 2016

In what just might possibly be the next craze in water sports, Lampuga has introduced the jetboard – a battery powered electric surfboard.
Lampuga, the world’s leading electric jetboard company invited the world to their booth at Boot 2016 in Düsseldorf, January 23 – January 31.
There they showcased three models:
– the Lampuga Boost, the fastest battery-driven jetboard in the world,
– the inflatable Lampuga Air and,
– the Lampuga Rescue, a lifeguard board.
The Boost and Air models will be of interest to the widest audience of recreational boaters and cottagers and feature a 15hp electric engine coupled to a battery with up to 40 minutes of power reserve, that produces speeds up to 34 mph from the 80cm x 256cm board, and recharges in approximately an hour.
We honestly can’t wait to try one of these babies come spring 2016!
For more information visit www.lampuga.de

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