Jumping at the opportunity!

Jumping at the opportunity! Jun 25, 2021

Most of us got our first job on our local paper route, or maybe we worked for a family member on the weekends, or at McDonald’s, or the mall… but teens at Lake Geneva in Wisconsin may have one of the most unique first jobs. They are mail jumpers.

What is a mail jumper?

A mail jumper is like having a paper route, if that paper route was an extreme sport. The Lake Geneva Mail and Tour Boat has teens jumping off a moving boat to deliver mail.

Every year there are tryouts among high school and college-aged applicants. They compete for four mailboat jumper jobs by jumping from the U.S. Mailboat Walworth to piers on Lake Geneva. The catch is they must deliver the mail and jump back on the boat before it pulls away, which means, this boat will never stop for them!

Check out Inside Editions Video report:

The jumpers are chosen based on 50 per cent for athletic skills, 50 per cent for delivery of narrated tour information, and 50 per cent for enthusiasm. This all adds up to 150 per cent required! Not only will they have to jump, but they will also be expected to act as a tour guide between jumps as well.

The U.S. Walworth departs every morning at 10 a.m. from June 15 to Sept. 15.