With so many LED products on the market, it can be confusing and overwhelming for boat owners. Whether thinking about which LED lamp to buy or to simply learn more about the technology in general, users can now download a free book: “10 Things to Consider When Purchasing LED Lighting” from Hella Marine.
The free 20-page booklet can be downloaded at www.hella-marine.com/en/news/10-things-booklet.html. It offers ten factors to consider before making a purchase, ranging from light output to cost and everything in between. Full-color images, diagrams and charts better illustrate the key points.
“Hella Marine is always looking out for the consumer and we want them to not only utilize the best LED products for their applications, but also fully understand the technology behind them,” said Duncan Stirling, Hella marketing manager. “We developed this guide so boat owners could make informed decisions when selecting the lighting products for their vessel. There are so many LED lamps on the market, we wanted to create a top ten guide to cut through any confusion.”
Hella Marine lamps are fit-and-forget by design, offering complete peace of mind and safety at sea. The company is a globally recognized and trusted brand with LED products available in over 60 countries.
For more information visit  www.hellamarine.com.