Embracing the Future of Boating: Flux Marine’s 100% Electric Outboards

Embracing the Future of Boating: Flux Marine’s 100% Electric Outboards Jun 27, 2024

In the serene world of boating, where the gentle lap of waves meets the hum of engines, Flux Marine has emerged as an innovator. Based in Rhode Island, Flux Marine stands at the forefront of marine technology, reshaping propulsion systems with a blend of cutting-edge innovation and eco-conscious design. black Outboard Rendering

Redefining Propulsion

Flux Marine specializes in electric outboard motors designed to revolutionize the boating experience. Their lineup features the FM100 and FM70 models, boasting continuous power outputs up to 100 HP and 70 HP respectively, with acceleration capacities that reach even higher peaks. These motors, crafted from the ground up for efficiency and power, promise an exhilarating journey on the water without the traditional constraints of fuel, or exhaust emissions.

The Advantages of Electric Power

Flux Marine is committed to delivering a superior boating experience while championing sustainability. Electric motors offer instant torque, propelling vessels swiftly onto plane and enhancing maneuverability with their whisper-quiet operation. Gone are the days of idling noises disrupting the tranquility of the open water—Flux Marine ensures that every voyage is as peaceful as it is powerful.These motors reduce the ecological footprint of boating activities significantly. This approach not only enhances the longevity of the equipment but also safeguards the natural beauty of our waters for generations to come.

Seamless Integration and Innovation

Practicality meets innovation with Flux Marine’s charging solutions. Compatible with standard power outlets and fast chargers, their outboards can be conveniently recharged at home or marinas, ensuring minimal downtime between adventures. Boaters can monitor and manage their motor’s performance effortlessly through Flux’s mobile app and integrated Garmin dashboard, offering real-time insights into battery status, range, and more.

Available Boat Packages

Explore the performance and sustainability with Flux Marine’s boat packages, designed to elevate your on-water experiences this season.  From the sleek Scout 215 XSF and versatile Scout 215 Dorado to the rugged Highfield SP660, each boat promises robust performance and enduring quality.

Our Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) packages, featuring Highfield’s lightweight aluminum hull and resilient Hypalon tubing, combine seamlessly with Flux’s cutting-edge outboard technology. Ideal for families and friends seeking safe, reliable excursions, these boats are equipped with integrated systems including dashboards, batteries, throttles, chargers, and portable cables. Whether you’re cruising at sunset or diving into water sports, Flux Marine ensures every voyage is efficient, exhilarating, and eco-conscious.

For more information, please visit FluxMarine.com.

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