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The Compact Diesel GenSet is Back

Westerbeke Corporation introduces the new 7.6 EGTD: a replacement for the popular 7.6 BTD “Mini 8” marine diesel generator set. A favorite among OEMs and boat owners where there is limited space for a full 8kW, the 7.6 EGTD provides the same power and small size as its predecessor and meets all current EPA emissions requirements. A unique AC generator with a short, “pancake” design and an engine with smartly fit components result in a highly compact generator set for the most demanding Installations. The 7.6 EGTD is only 20.5 inches high, 28.4 inches long and features QDQ-side serviceability, making it a perfect solution for tight quarters.
Rated 7.6kW at 60Hz, the 7.6 EGTD is powered by a compact, .95 liter, three-cylinder engine operating at a low 1800-rpm for smooth, quiet operation. Built-in is a belt-driven, 50 amp battery charging alternator and the generator includes standard transformer regulation for clean, dependable AC power. In addition, the 7.6 EGTD incorporates standard electronic governing. The result is cleaner emissions and improved speed control which virtually eliminates “droop” when load is applied or removed.
Additional standard features include overspeed, underspeed, low battery voltage and low oil pressure, high exhaust and high coolant temperature safety shutdowns as well as a standard AC circuit breaker. The 7.6 EGTD incorporates a completely new and modernized start/stop and monitoring system. Generator set-mounted start/stop controls and a remote instrument panel with 15-foot extension are standard equipment. Remote start/stop panels and instrument panels incorporate the new design, but the physical sizes are the same as the current remote instrument and remote start/stop panel used with the 7.6 BTD. This generator also offers an optional Sound Guard SST with stainless steel base and frame providing Westerbeke’s famed full access to all sides and top of the unit. The 7.6 EGTD will also fit in the same Sound Guard SST as its predecessor, the 7.6 BTD.
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